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  1. It appears as if my old thread has been deleted and I have no clue why! Anyways I am here to announce Good news! My official site leyafalcon.com has officially launched! Lots of hardcore filth with big black cocks and hot girls! Use this link to join for only $19.95 ! http://join.leyafalcon.puba.com/track/MTA5OC4yMS40MS42MC4wLjAuMC4wLjA I really would love to know why my last thread was deleted though
  2. LeyaFalcon

    Leya Falcon

    yes you have unraveled my name and I LOVE at ats they're so cute! And chewbacca is too hairy for me, jabba is to fat and slimy and they both look like they would stink. Vader is sexy, clean and no hair.
  3. LeyaFalcon

    Leya Falcon

    yes, I do LOL. Amzn.to/leyafalcon
  4. LeyaFalcon

    Leya Falcon

    yes, that would be the one!! And oc is run by a wonderful woman that actually gets me work and doesn't try to get me to escort (like prior agencies have) . I understand a lot of women in the industry do escort, I am just not one of them and I was basically being "punished"by other agencies for not doing so, they just wouldn't get me scenes. Yeah. I had a rough first year in the business because of my agency issues but now I am with OC I finally feel like I am with the right people!
  5. LeyaFalcon

    The Girl / Girl request thread

    that's true, the majority of porn viewers are male and want to live vicariously through the male performers and if there is no male in the equation then I see how it could be hard to fantasize that you're the one in the middle of the girl/girl action
  6. LeyaFalcon

    Leya Falcon

    And also, thank you for enjoying my interaction with everyone, being respectful and requesting me
  7. LeyaFalcon

    The Girl / Girl request thread

    I think it just depends on the performers!
  8. LeyaFalcon

    Leya Falcon

    Whoa whoa whoa!!! Nooooooo ladirect!!! I almost puked when reminded of this nightmare of an agency!! I am thankfully now with OCmodeling http://www.ocmodeling.com/model.php?id=390
  9. LeyaFalcon

    Shelby Black here

    and LMFAO keep the random sexual doodles coming!
  10. LeyaFalcon

    Shelby Black here

    Oh hi there, I know you on twitter! Look forward to working with you one day!
  11. Think its really cool u interact with ur fans on the forums, here, brazzers, etc. and twitter! Think ur really cool and I liked that u said u like it rough ;)

  12. LeyaFalcon


    I really hate fake nails, I had them for a little bit just because I wouldn't have to worry about them chipping but yuck! They harbor all sorts of bacteria and its really hard to play with your pussy or another womans. Bitches like short nails. I learned of a new type of nail polish that stays put for 2 weeks without chipping so I now cut my nails short as possible and just get that shit put on so I can still have pretty nails without hurting mine or another bitch's pussy.