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  1. Hi guys, As you can see, I am starting to do a lot more filming. NA is where I started and now has given me the freedom to have input on what we film. So, let's get this ball rolling. What would you like to see me do when I come out to film in February?? And, don't give me the same old, same old. I want great, hot sex. When I read your response, I want to get turned on!! Emma
  2. Hi NCC! I have been thinking about you and wanted to say "What's Up?" I've been travelling a lot. But, I'm finally back home for a bit. Let me know how you're doing...
  3. How are all my NA friends doing today ??

    1. torres07


      Great How are you doing?

  4. Mrs_Star_Emma


    What do you guys think about my scene??
  5. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Emma Starr DP

    So what do you think ???
  6. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Emma Starr

    that sounds good I will mix it in
  7. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Emma Starr

    Talking about doing the DP today
  8. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Emma Starr

    Wow! JUst reading these has me hot and very bothered...I certainly like your ideas. Keep them coming... I am filming a lot and would like to do scenes that you want to see!! I have a new MFST that just came out today. Check it out and let me know what you think. I hope you like it!!
  9. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Emma Starr

    How about BBB/me ???
  10. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Emma Starr

    I love the creampie idea!!!!
  11. Mrs_Star_Emma

    New Shoots Emma Starr

    Hi guys I wanted to clear something up that I've read on some of my new scenes. Some people think I might have had some work done. Well I'm going to come clean no!! It looks like it was a very bad choice and makeup on my part. I was trying something new and it really made me look quite BAD. Sorry about that I won't let this happen again. Emma
  12. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Hi from Emma Starr

    Angel's quite the hottie as well. She's got a rockin' body! Thanks for the twitter help. Here's my twitter info: http://twitter.com/EmmaStarrporn Just returned from overseas...about 20 minutes ago. Time for a long, hot shower!
  13. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Hi from Emma Starr

    We will be at the Monte Carlo. Brad and I are there just to have some fun. We should meet up? Emma
  14. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Hi from Emma Starr

    I know I will do more with NA soon. Maybe after the 1st of the year. We are heading to Las Vegas in the AM
  15. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Hi from Emma Starr

    Sorry Laura next time I will let you know. Brad and I where out side your office at one point.
  16. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Hi from Emma Starr

    You guys are great! I'm having an even better day after reading this. Let me work on coordinating the Live action and will let you know what I come up with!! Also, you can follow me on twitter. I just started... http://twitter.com/EmmaStarrporn
  17. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Hi from Emma Starr

    Thanks Shadow. You're so good to me! It's nice to see that you all are doing well. How'd the painting go? I travelled to Spain and Germany...also, NY and CA. It was a lot of fun!! Thanks Becca...You are looking quite hot. Love your pic!
  18. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Next Naughty President Challenge

    Hey Shadow and Jake! That's really flattering Shadow! Haven't chatted with you in a while...Hope you're doing very well. Jake, I remember that quite well. That was a fabulous time!! What's going on?
  19. Thanks. I have been talking with them...maybe after the first of the year! They are terrifc and a lot of fun! I get excited just thinking about it.

  20. Mrs_Star_Emma

    Emma Starr

    I am still out here. Emma
  21. Mrs_Star_Emma

    New Shoots Emma Starr

    I am going to las Vegas to shoot in two weeks. Emma
  22. Hi All,

    I am going to las Vegas to shoot in two weeks.


  23. Mrs_Star_Emma

    New Shoots Emma Starr

    Sounds good to me, I will be in Las Vegas next month maybe we could do it then?
  24. Mrs_Star_Emma

    New Shoots Emma Starr

    Brandi I'm ready to do a scene with you. How much you? Maybe started off with me and Brandi, and then bring to young guys. That sounds like fun