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  1. Val Malone!

    alright guys yet another great request from me for all of us here on the boards. http://www.valmalone.com/?aid=28781 she could do well on some of na sites Right???
  2. no no no you guys have forgotten all about mrs filmore. She is fucking hot. She has red hair and wears those hot as nylons in both her vids. PLus she does it with zane and we all knwo that foo rocks that shit. PLus not to mention she had some sweet looking tits. yum yum yum :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?:
  3. Demi and Ashton parents?!?!?!?!?!

    well then why stay with him. He could be a shitty husband but a good actor. Hey maybe ashton likes to eat "downtown" and bruce didnt huh? maybe it was all about that.
  4. Demi and Ashton parents?!?!?!?!?!

    hey how bout this Fuck YOu!!!!
  5. ok so just go read the page and enjoy. http://www.celebnewswire.com/2005/03/demi_and_ashton.html
  6. cross-overs

    Yeah' date=' that's why I'm waiting for you to reshoot Sophia from Nasty Cops. :wink:[/quote'] ahhh nasty cops that was nice!!!! i remember them they made me find out about na and i have never looked back.
  7. Spider-man 3 Villain?

    i wouldnt be surprised if he is. after all he was going to replace Doc Ock in Spidey 2 because they couldnt get the Mechanical arms right. i just hope it doesnt suck like the first two. hahahahaha thats a good joke Mr.O.... hahahahah the first 2 suck hahahahah No he is right the first to did suck!! they were preditable and boring.
  8. Info on Keyra!

    hey id be fiting the bill. but king and laura would also like to meet her im sure. I just want to get more of her out there so we can all enjoy her.
  9. Info on Keyra!

    to me this is like knowing that some where out there there is a cure for cancer and it just needs to be looked for. I can see the prize and all that comes with being the person that finds her. I would be an internet hero and that is just fuckin awsome. I would be the person who found what no one else could. I will find something.
  10. Info on Keyra!

    but i dont think that mags and companies looked right. People on the net always get what they are looking for. It takes time but i feel that she will be found. I might look into running t commercials donw there. pick some show that get high ratings and hope for the best. if i hit the bigger cities with that kind of bombardment someone will know who she is and then she can contact us.
  11. Info on Keyra!

    dam right :!: I want to see more of her. as im sure that others would like the same. Im here just lookin for the best in entertainment and she is the best.
  12. Info on Keyra!

    Ok ppl this is the mission. send out info and gather info on thsi girl who goes under the alias keyra among others. She is reported to live in south america brazil argentina puraguay i dont really know. The internet has not been able to find her or information on her. Talk to anyone that you can find online. One area may be the website that she holds up in serveral of her pics. They might have something on her, but i dont know. if you know someone in south america talk to them and tell them of our search to find the women. If you find her i promise that i will pay for her to fly to the us to meet me along with king and laura. this is a huge thing to try and accomplish but i feel that it is a great injustice to the world to keep such a perfect person away from the public. She has a gift and the world wants to know about her.
  13. Keyra Agustina

    hey even if she dont become mine as long as we get to see her right! she is hot and that needs to be shared with the world.