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  1. Stocker

    Is the porn industry fading away?

    what you think he's trying to say
  2. Stocker


    Is No longer ... shouldn't this forum be called R.I.P Live ... bwahahahahaha
  3. Fantasy forum .... come up with a crazy fantasy that's unshootable or a good idea that won't be used bwahahahahha
  4. who the heck am i kidding, no new performer is posting here bwahahahaaha
  5. we seen sometype of cool or "controversial decision" by na ... what't the sitch
  6. i get the point, you enjoy drama, i could give two care less about whether there is or isn't.
  7. he was awesome in a-team and schindler's list
  8. if your going to post a vid doc, let it be one of his best
  9. exactly ... the whole drama-free forum is the reason this place sucks is garbage. new forms of communications, plus - like joker alot of people don't post because they have a g/f ... how many people have come back here to say that and came back. - most posters were college age or new to forums, enjoyed it for a while and moved on ... if it was a college kid, found work and moved on - work ...... - the economy is shit, who's going to drop cash on a site especially when there are so many tube sites out there ..... i've seen this happen on other forums I've posted on, its a fact of internets life .....