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  1. Channels? WTF is this all about

    I certainly agree with bringing the old sites folded into NA, maybe as an incentive for those that purchase yearly memberships and not monthly. Could also maybe get rid of the feedback portion of the site as its all the same things requested and mentioned over and over and refer them to post here in the forums and be more involved in the NA community. Maybe create a seperate feedback section on the forums or leave as is, but redirect the feedback section to the forums. Regarding remasters, maybe create a forum topic or a way to ask us which scenes we would like remastered instead of choosing random scenes and start doing ones that are maybe most requested. Also not sure if it's possible but we know various videos have been removed from the site for various reasons and are wondering if there is any chance any of them could come back or maybe be remastered and offending material be removed or taken out of the videos and posted again.
  2. Channels? WTF is this all about

    mine would MDHF, MFHM, MFST, maybe even an expansion with a new site into the step-family genre that is becoming popular right now as well.
  3. Channels? WTF is this all about

    If I were to suggest making a new forum section for NA Network news for press releases and other news to be posted for us to see first before being sent to outlets such as Reddit, AVN News and other news outlets. Also your Social Media promoter or whatever their position is would be to engage more with users on here and answer questions, engage in conversation, post news and other stuff instead of just twitter, snapchat, instagram, reddit and other outlets.
  4. Channels? WTF is this all about

    Nice of you not to say anything meaningful. Just as usual, all you guys do is talk and give news on reddit instead of your own forums. Kind of fucked to give more news to users on a site other than your own.
  5. Channels? WTF is this all about

    I'm not too sure about that, i renewed my expired account after the channels were introduced and it gave me access to them.
  6. Channels? WTF is this all about

    I have access to the channels as well without having to pay extra as well.

    I just renewed here after expiring for a month, but i have had access to Brazzers through a friend because they don't accept my card for some reason but i do suggest them. If looking for other sites I am currently subscribed to TeamSkeet and all their premium sites through a deal and Bang Bros as well. Also suggest DigitalPlayground and RealityKings as well if you are looking elsewhere.

    i'm not looking to insert or comment on the argument you have going on here, just commenting on something you said. Porn is not all about imagining you are the one screwing or even wanting to screw the woman in question. I find it as just another medium to enjoy watching such as movies, video games, tv shows, books, or other things people immerse themselves in their off time. To me its never about having something to get off to or imagine myself doing, its just something i enjoy watching. So everyone has their own view of porn and what it is. Someone on some site I was talking to about the show The Sex Factor that aired and to them it was just porn, but to me it was more a view on what people in the industry go through and what goes on in it and people who want to get involved in it.

    I certainly prefer 2d scenes over VR. If VR continues to be POV porn it will continue to suck imo, they started moving in the right direction why they started experimenting with non-pov aspects in the VR. If it continues to stay in in POV instead of like actually watching a 2d scene unfold in front of you it will still be of non interest of me.
  10. UPDATES!

    IDK why they are complaining tbh. It could always be like some sites and only post one video a day for a total of 7 scenes as week like BangBros or TeamSkeet. At least they are doing a few more scenes than they do.
  11. download failing

    NA does not officially support any download managers. Try clearing your cookies and cache and try again straight through your web browser itself.
  12. VR for PS4 - all scenes capable?

    Most likely the old scenes will never get new links to be compatible with PSVR. As for some of those actresses it is impossible to currently get them in scenes as they have exclusive contracts to companies, Nicolette Shea and Madison Ivy are contracted to Brazzers/Digital Playground and Mia Khalifa who recently did return to porn with 2 new scenes is still contracted to BangBros as far as I know.
  13. Remastered episodes?

    Idk, I love that they are remastering his scenes. He used to be and still is one of my favorite actors.
  14. Remastered episodes?

    lol, bringing up and old post from 3 years ago, they stopped doing remasters for a while then, but they are currently releasing one remaster a week right now.
  15. UPDATES!

    As one who doen't like POV videos, I enjoy the non-pov parts of the recent VR videos. I wish they would start producing full on vr videos as non-pov.
  16. Big Tits in VR hoax?

    I don't see this as an issue unless you forgot to cancel before it renewed.
  17. Big Tits in VR hoax?

    It was never meant to be a site with regular updates or to be eventually folded into NA. It will remain its own seperate site like the other third party sites they have as well. Just because a network has many sites added to it and functions doesnt mean they can't operate third party sites as well. There are many sites that also have premium sites extra that you need to pay more for such as TeamSkeet and BangBros.
  18. Lisa Ann

    Her comeback scene was okay, i'm glad she is back and glad she is much happier and healthier but personally the skinnier look doesn't work for me with her. I enjoyed her with a bit more weight on personally, but I am very happy for her nonetheless. Hope she really makes a full comeback to the industry whether it happens to be here or other sites.
  19. UPDATES!

    Hopefully with Lisa Ann finally coming back, I hope to see her on one of the updates lists very soon if its possible and she isn't just shooting for her own site right now.
  20. Can't download VIDEOS

    are you using a trial account?
  21. Website/Video/file issues

    I am not sure why NA has done stream only to some of their third party sites but they have and many have asked them to make them downloadable in the past and they haven't, we are lucky to have the ones they allowed us to have on here. My only suggestion is maybe to get an web browser extension to allow you to download them or just pay to stream them.
  22. Website/Video/file issues

    Here is a thread that shows you ever site owned and operated by NA, also lets you know which ones are stream only and downloadable as well as far as third party sites operated by them.
  23. UPDATES!

    Last video I saw her in was a Penthouse one back in March unless that is when she retired. Not sure I don't really keep up on when ppl retire or whatever.
  24. UPDATES!

    i didn't necessarily mean that it ruined the whole scene for me and i wasn't complaining about the video at all. What i meant by that was the ending to an otherwise good video left more to be desired in my opinion. I am not a fan of of creampies in porn and not necessarily a fan of anal either. They don'y completely ruin scenes for me, just leave more to be desired. Not a fan of VR either and don't watch them, if it was anything but glorified POV videos then maybe I would enjoy them but I do not like POV and thats all VR is. If you could watch the action unfold in front of you like you do in a normal 2D video then maybe I would watch them but I won't as long as they stay in the POV format. Whitney Westgate is also back shooting again as well.
  25. the scene is back, not sure if it is fixed though