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  1. Hi everyone, For those who don't know who I am so here we go. My name is Tiffany Doll, I'm a little French chick and also a new Speigler Girl since one week now. I've been told by a friend to come here so here I am. So as I told you I'm French and I'm in LA for one week. Well, I'm not as new, I've been in the X-Business for 2 years but I've only worked in Europe until now. You may see some of my pevious work on my blog TiffanyDollxxx.blogspot.com You will see that I really like everything filthy and espacially anal sex. I think that is a French thing... Most of my friend love this... Anyway, I'm looking for some chatting with fans and the girls so I hope I'll meet a love of lovely and dirty people on this forum.
  2. Hahaha you will see if I was
  3. Yes it was "My Sister's Hot Friend" it was really funny and I had such a good time Lol what are you talking about
  4. Guess who I worked for yesterday?
  5. yes lol and Liza was wearing a nice white shots so you were able to see everything
  6. lol we've done it twice, I think we just liked being wet
  7. A little pics from this week end with the French Team... Only hot and nasty girls with me in Universal Studio it was fun and as you can see we were all wet lol but it was because of the Jurassic Park ride, or maybe not From left to right: Liza Del Sierra, me, Sharon Lee and Angell Summers with the Simpson Family
  8. Thank you And about Charlotte she hasn't only nice boobies, I really think she one of the nasties girl in French porn but of course in the good way
  9. One of the best fake boobs I've never touched: Liza Del Sierra The best natural boobs: Charlotte De Castille they are so soft I love having a nap on them, and also the Russian Mandy Dee they are so amazing. and the best small boobs: Carla Cox I guess I'm very proud because I played with all of them
  10. Thank you, I watched your photoblog, I like it
  11. What about a butt pic You can find some more pictures on my blog http://tiffanydollxxx.com
  12. I will love doing a scene with Penny Pax, she's so cute. I love this girl and I know she is very nasty
  13. A pic for you ok it's not on Malibu but on my coach but it's still a booby picture
  14. OK as soon as I go to Malibu beach I send you a pic but I'm not sure I won't get any trouble being top less there... I still don't but sure I will
  15. I never shot enough for me lol so of course I want to work a lot before leaving. I'm in LA for that not for get tan on Malibu beach Thank you
  16. Yes of course. I like being here, I don't know when I'll be back because of the VISA. And here a booby picture
  17. Actually I started doing porn in the UK two years ago, and I was in London. It's good that you can find all kind of porn in your country, in France it's often the same things, a whole movie with some sex scene (often 4) and bad comedy. Of course we have also few very good movies but we are not really an Internet business... Only Dorcel sell some VOD I've been working well in LA but because I'm quite know people have to know me before trying to book me for a scene. It starts to be better and better lol And I leave on May 15
  18. Actually I can't really say if I like living in the US because I've only been in Los Angeles so far. It's a great city, the weather was not so good but it's starting to get better now. The only problem is that you really need a car to live well in LA otherwise you can't do anything. Luckily I can rent a car time to time and of course I can call the agency driver. You have so many people from every where here that you have all kind of views, from the one who wants to stay pure to the proper whore lol but it's quite cool. I was thinking before coming here that you are all crazy about rough sex and big anal gapping in the X-biz. I was wrong, anal sex is not an obligation when you do porn here but in France you MUST do anal sex if you want to work. To be honest, I really don't mind because I love that a lot, but I met few French girls who were worried before an anal scene. So, yes I like my American life but I miss Europe a bit because of my friends and family...
  19. Don't worry I speak French when I've got an orgasm anyway so be sure that I'll drop some dirty French talk.
  20. Thanks and I hope too ;P
  21. Actually it was easier than What I thought. It's not so different than the shoot I've done in Budapest, only people speak with a better English lol Will be nice, I've never work with Jessie but I know she's great and Lou is fucking hot too. Anissa Kate is a hot French girl too, I would love doing a scene with here
  22. I'm not doing any scene for NA yet but hopefully I will soon I'm glad to see that there are some people who already see some of my scenes.