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  1. MrHarry

    Who actually wants Girl on Girl?

    Whoa thats pretty hot! My two cents is that ff should be like every month but more effort should be put on them, I think a lot of the best ff scenes are ones where the stars are really into it (or as I've seen once or twice) where one star really digs the other star. I think perhaps the ff scenes should focus on mff but put more empasis on the female love part, both girls don't need to be involved in the fucking perhaps a female voyeur, a lesbian couple trying to get knocked up (a la the L word), perhaps the male is blindfolded and the girls take turns but he don't know it's more than one or he doesn't know who the guest is, perhaps a mistress dominating a couple and making them fuck for her, I like the sex therapist idea, stripper for the couple but the male only gets a lapdance/striptease and wathes whilst the partner and stripper make out etc but the stripper leaves the couple where they proceed to have hot energetic sex mmmmm But if nothing else far more kissing and passion too little of that some times...
  2. Anyone have this on the PC? It looks good but with all the crap for the pc version I don't think I will bother...perhaps pick it up from the bargin bin in a couple years lol.
  3. hmmmm... This is all very interesting...
  4. MrHarry

    Still in porn?

    omg thanks for the heads up milffan!!!! Is there any reason why she's not doing any scenes for NA? (goes off to check i've not missed any)
  5. Wow I come back and everything is changed... Well at least I'm back in time to say bye and all the best. Last time I was on this there was huge uproars about your pic flying around and now look at you lol... Anyway take care Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind Should auld acquaintance be forgot And auld lang syne
  6. hey mate hows things? remember me? still got the top? lol found your blog, still working my way through it but why hasn't it been updated in so long...go on update it :D

  7. Na, I stick to giving your sister anal.

  8. Actually although it may cost a bit to impliment, the rewards of not only winning the contract be the attension of renaming the city could be profound and bring a lot of money into the city...
  9. MrHarry

    Julia Bond

    I just found her youtube page the other day, was scary. Too much botox(?) and her "whats up motherfuckers" isn't as cute as BSkye, What happened to the cool julia bond?
  10. So have you still had more anal play than your wife? or has she finally relented? :P

  11. Loser....Figures Eurotrash like you likes Ed hardy

  12. I only tried multiplayer and didn't like it but that was on the pc. It's not terrible and it has some strong points but I felt it was quite limited (felt like quake mp to me)
  13. I didn't get Avp found it boring, was playing the hell outta Far cry 2 and ModW1, but pc crashed so now gone and got, section 8...will it be good....