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  1. Guy-on-Couch


    I miss the old days as well...it's fun to go back and reminisce....I think besides the fact no one posts here, the coming of apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter made Internet forums are a dying breed
  2. Callaway Golf shirts are considered douchey? aren't they just normal golf shirts?
  3. no one has access to this HD but me...no way someone could have done that....its a mystery
  4. only the vids got wiped...i have porn pics on there but also my personal pics like from vacation, parties normal life events....nothing was missing except the Adult vids...very weird
  5. so many Penny scenes, Kylee King, Nikki Rhodes, Nicole Ray
  6. I had a NA membership for many many years and during that time I've downloaded a lot of vids...all of which are fucking hot and awesome to watch over again when the time is right.... they were all stored on an external HD....and now they're gone....no idea wtf happened...went into the HD one day and they were gone.... I alos had regular movies on there as well...but let's be honest the porn is what was important hahaha.... I'm so pissed....not only do I not have a membership now but that was years and years of Downloading.....i have at least 50 classics...such as the Mrs. Starr 4-way...maybe my favorite NA scene of all time...Lexi Belle with Jay Crew NBW....Jenaveave Jolie and Rachel Roxxx in the Rock of Love spoof...the old unedited Cytherea bookworm Bitches scene...Avy Scott and Jassie James....oh man just thinking of these makes me go from 6 to midnight and cry at the same time hahaha
  7. I don't think she is the hottest girl in the world but are you guys going to tell me that if she was in your bed ready for the dick you'd say no?? she's got great tits!!! http://www.atklatina.com/model.php?modelid=asp001&setid=054391&rd=110829&rid=35
  8. Guy-on-Couch

    I guess I had a good run

    never once made a lettermans jacket
  9. Guy-on-Couch

    I guess I had a good run

    not butt hurt at all...you called me a freeloader and I called you a cockbag, one is true the other is not
  10. Guy-on-Couch

    Please revoke a certain mod of their powers

    in his defense why do those posts need to be edited??
  11. Guy-on-Couch

    I guess I had a good run

    I paid my dues cockbag, I'm no freeloader
  12. Guy-on-Couch


    I would save the photos if they were small as fuck... the shit is like 600x600 haha....you go to other sites and they have LARGE photos like over 1000x1000 ...that has always been my biggest pet peeve with NA...their photos are way too fucking small....not sure why....maybe it has to do with the bandwidth allowed on their servers or some shit like that I don't know I'm not a tech guy.....
  13. Guy-on-Couch


    fucking figures my account ends the week before 2 new sites, a Cassidy Klein scene and a Brittney Andrews scene.....SMH
  14. Guy-on-Couch

    I guess I had a good run

    yea I'm sure it had something to do with it...I doubt they kept track of every single one given out by all employees past or present...so I bet you it was in the 100's.....probably losing over $100,000 a year....might not seem like much considering but that shit adds up...I've had mine for like 8 years...they could've lost $1,000,000 by now...thats crazy