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  1. All my favourites disapeared from the main members site, this link: http://members.naughtyamerica.com/account/favorites That's annoying

    Cool week

    Cool week, and I'll gladly take any Brooke scene I can get , since I heard she's retired.
  4. Alan Stafford

    He's a great performer, I like most of the scenes he's in, so I agree .
  5. Also what about the remastered scenes? sorry if i'm bugging u, its just bothering me and thought u might be able to help

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    2. Morizzo


      I can't bring the trailer tab back as I don't know what to replace .trailer_tab{display: none; with.


      But you can search for the trailer link in the code, almost all the scenes should have one, even old ones, like the Eve scene from 2007, here's the link from the source code, http://videos.naughtycdn.com/don/trailers/donevelaurence2trailer_flash_1k.flv , but they are in FLV format, but still there. Remastered are no different.

    3. Morizzo


      Like I've said it's a faff, but there aren't really any other ways to view the trailers for all NA's scenes. But from the tour page you can view the first 8 most recently released.

    4. Neel Bell

      Neel Bell

      It seems like NONE of the trailers work anymore other than the new ones (some of them on the 1st page) :( if u know how to see the older ones from this year, last, 2013 or any others all the way back to 07 06 05 04 03 please email me neelbehl@cs.com, thank u :( so frustrated and incredibly pissed off NaughtyAmerica would screw us over yet again :(

  6. Also what about the older trailers from 07-11

  7. i'm not getting how u bring up the trailer tab from what u wrote in the forum, anyway u can explain it to me in further detail

  8. Hannah Hartman

    Rather cute chick I thought, and worth a request in my books. Twitter: http://twitter.com/hannahxhartman Model Agency: http://thevipconnect.com/Hannah-Hartman.html Pic: http://images1.thevipconnect.com/modelpics/LAX/34390/gallery-2.jpg
  9. It's been so long since I've been out of my body with you

  10. UPDATES!

    Cool week
  11. UPDATES!

    Oo, interesting .
  12. No more trailers?

    Well the trailers are still there, in the source code, but they disabled the trailers tab: } .trailer_tab{ display: none; If you really want to watch it though the video file link for the trailer is still present for all of them. $('.trailer_tab').click(function() { if(non_flash_browser()) { options.file = "http://videos.naughtycdn.com/ihw/trailers/ihwroxyroxryantrailer_qt.mp4"; window.location = trailer_file; It's just not simple. I really miss having them.
  13. UPDATES!

    Nice week, always excited to see Callie
  14. No more trailers?

    I also would really like to see trailers return, editors have put all that effort into making the large catalogue of trailers, a shame to hide them away. I also find them the best way to gauge how good a scene is, an invaluable tool in my usage of NA . Please. #BringBackTrailers
  15. UPDATES!

    Damn, a really good week. Finally get to see Jade Nile too .