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  1. I peek in now and again...work schedule and life in general make things hectic.
  2. But we all must remember - as much as we may dislike or disagree with their views, they are as entitled as we all are to express them.

    OK - thought it was with Julia Ann,.. Sounds fantastic. Thank you for the info, sir!

    Thought I read that Ava Addams had done a BGG shoot recently for NA...
  5. He was a gifted boxer and quite the personality. RIP.
  6. Story from Rolling Stone Magazine...may he finally rest in peace... http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/scott-weiland-dead-at-48-20151204
  7. I had read on various adult web sites that she got bigger breasts. Has anyone heard how much she increased in size? I'm more curious than anything - hope it does not "spoil" her figure.
  8. Katie Morgan

    Great "catch", Lauren! Have loved her work for YEARS!
  9. Website/Video/file issues

    Try using VLC. It seems to be more forgiving and has more codecs.
  10. Apparently, the Ashley Madison site was hacked very recently. I know I have seen ads for it on the site and I thought NA had some type of agreement with them. Here is the story from CNET... http://www.cnet.com/news/hackers-of-cheaters-site-ashley-madison-threaten-to-expose-user-profiles/ If you want to move this to the non-NA forum, feel free.
  11. UPDATES!

    Aristotle - A warning, to me, is sufficient to this guy with the caveat that he gets NO SECOND CHANCE. There was already ENOUGH DAMAGE DONE with the porn wiki leak. We don't need more of this crap...
  12. Abigail Mac

    She has done a lot of shoots for Girlsway and Puba. Not sure if she has a contract with Puba, though.
  13. From what I have read, Jared is NOT a focus of the investigation. It is only because the guy who IS in trouble was associated with Jared's foundation. Subway, however, did the right thing to "break off" their partnership with Jared. But once he is cleared, then he should be back.
  14. Bitchfest in the Comments section

    As I said in another topic, expressing opinions about something is one thing, but the ugliness all around spoils the want to visit the forums and/or the member site. Tolerance and respect...
  15. Alia Janine

    She has found success as a comedienne... This is her web site... http://aliajanine.com/
  16. I had read something where the state of Mississippi stated it could not "...immediately comply...". Will have to research and see what is going on.
  17. In an ironic twist, South Carolina's laws allow for the death penalty for certain hate related crimes while the Federal Govt's laws do not.
  18. Question for you...I use a smartphone right now for browsing. Tried to post a pic to the Who is this pornstar thread? Can I just email it to you? Tried to upload it somewhere to put in a link and got banned for TOS issues (was unaware tinypic had clamped down)

    1. aristotlealexander


      It's jut that the link has to end in a picture format like jpg or gif, otherwise it won't see it as an image. If you're looking for a good image host, try imgur.com.

  19. Website/Video/file issues

    Have you tried downloading something of lower quality (WMV etc.) to see if those complete?
  20. Please revoke a certain mod of their powers

    NotAgain24... If you have a problem with a certain mod, you could always address things PRIVATELY to Lauren if need be. This type of drama is not needed on the forum.
  21. SPOILER ALERT! New Site Teaser!!!

    Very interesting...
  22. Well...the Boston Red Sox started their season off well. Good pitching from Buchholz, strong hitting from Pedroia, Ramirez, and even Mookie Betts (actually saw him play in the minors last year...solid talent). 8-0 over the Phillies. As for the Nationals...it shows how fickle baseball is. One dropped ball and a walk and other things...mark an "L" for the Nationals on opening day.. But the big thing is...BASEBALL IS BACK!
  23. She and other celebrities are buying up those domains and basically "parking" themselves there to prevent others from trying to exploit the person or company. ICANN or whatever agency is going to be swamped with challenges to those who do that. It will prove to be an interesting battle.
  24. Hey Ligaya - if that is a caricature (sp?) of you, I like it!