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  1. Wasnt Moore involved with Hunter Bryce when she killed herself, not drawing a connection but this would be an interesting addition to the article.

    Wonder if we are getting trolled with no updates cause we bitch so much or the content is coming in too close to post a week in advance, though I dont plan my watching ahead of time, its not like it wont be there in a week, unless it was a scene with that guy who shot with Emma and Holly Black, and I noticed many years ago those scenes were pulled. Maybe the official NA historian Lovell aka AA can chime in on that.
  3. April 2nd changes to Naughty America

    Seems similar to Bang Bros and what they do with channels like Blue Pill Men and Black Patrol, or the Score Group sites. All very odd Id say when that if you look at the Brazzers model which seems to work. All very confusing.

    Wasnt there some bad blood between Phatzane and C3X? And no I am not bashing C3X like I used to, in fact Im glad when he directed gay scenes he demanded tests (as did Laura D) for performers at a time when it was not mandated, if it is. As for Mrs Fillmore she did do that Mother Daughter Pickup and a stocking fetish site uses her under the name Abigail Fraser, she also was on Southern Charms twice under other names, I enjoyed her work and her look, she may still be escorting up in Vancouver.

    Personally I would like more remasters, especially the old old stuff, like Mrs Fillmore, why couldnt she have been from Vancouver, WA instead of Vancouver, BC

    I think a lot of people here are invested in NA as sort of a family, though it seems the family fell apart when the live programming stopped, and then many of those guys stopped getting the site on NA's dime, which thinned the whingers. I long for the old days, partly why I look forward to remasters, and you had the interaction with Lauren and Laura. The VR thing is supposed to be the big difference from the other sites but how many folks really use it, and the other sites dont mess around too much with their formulas, or so it seems. We need more believeable milfs like the old days, cause NA was built on Milfs.

    August Taylor is good, and I see her previous scenes have been updated to her current stage name. I would love remasters for Mrs Fillmore and Alex Nevada. especially the latter.

    I am a fan of the old stuff, its nice to see it in dvd quality, same with the pics in real hi def

    Not a bad week, more remasters if possible, any week with Emma Starr is a good one
  10. What's odd is that in the very early days there were some very Hi Res shots, then it went to normal res, better res shots came in around May-June 2013, two years behind Bang Bros and Brazzers, but ahead of RK...which I am not sure if they are even at a hi-res level, Cherry Pimp res are almost too big, the file sizes between NA and Brazzers are comparable, BBs are huge, but even their screenshots are of good quality, almost embarrassing to other sites.
  11. UPDATES!

    H1on1 - Gianna / Alex Gonz (REMASTER) ...could they remaster Alex's shitty acting, I swore he always worked stoned, he ever come back?
  12. UPDATES!

    Cross just looks puffy, Rosano was always kind of annoying and his acting is bad, but funny bad like his old Naughty Office scene with Taryn Thomas, where Taryn and him were just heroically bad. Speaking of bad actors, anyone ever find Hep Boy (allegedly) Alec Gonz, he ever shoot a scene when he wasnt high?
  13. I guess I had a good run

    People got free NA for almost a decade, oh well
  14. UPDATES!

    I knew Emma Starr and Johnny Castle had to be a typo
  15. There are some early sets which are Hi Res namely, I think Laura took them, one was Emma Starr in a scene she did with her husband and Nick Jacobs, another was Ava Devine with Bixel where Ava is in a white sweater and leather skirt, a Bridgette Monroe set, one from Dillian Lauren, and the Diane Diamonds scene with Dino Bravo and Nick Jacobs. The pics now are much better, not Brazzers or Bang Bros Res, but far better than Reality Kings.