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  1. The Dark Knight....soon enough.
  2. Nas - Untitled (full album download)

    This is pretty good, but behind Wayne, 3 6, David Banner, and maybe Tech N9ne in recent releases imo.
  3. No, actually it just sucks.
  4. Song sucks, but people are on their nuts around here.
  5. Pretty sure he said "Sit your ass down".
  6. No, she didn't even pass the support for the backboard, or get to where the Cleveland Cavs is written on the court.
  7. But her seat was like 2 feet away...it's not like she was 25 rows up and ran down, she's in row like 2 and they go into row 2 or 3. No way she should have been kicked out or anything done to her, she's practically just standing up at her seat, along with everyone else. Him telling her to sit down isn't a big deal either.
  8. word i could hook up the new sean paul and bulletproof soundtrack....Geogia is a good song, but not to new, bout June it came out..
  9. Video: http://s27.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1RZV4JF61S5NT3ID1ECFWEE7J1 Eminem Ft. Nate Dogg-Shake That: http://s40.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2YI2HG06JHLE708EAD1CFLBXGN and someone here wanted the D4L album or song, do u still need it?or any requests?
  10. no no no, musts for this site are Kandi, Saray jay and Cherokee(black girl)
  11. its about time hey?!

    hell we need more "Big Boob" updates 8)
  12. its about time hey?!

    we need more/better sara jay, thats for damn sure.
  13. Donovan McNabb

    McNabbs year is done.
  14. Joint Ventures-KMK

    not every video....it may say that but it be lies!
  15. Best online music service?

    i use limewire for singles and stuff and BitLord for albums and whatnot.