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  1. VR models wishlist

    I did, actually right after I posted. You right Spinach, as usually I do. It's still a compliment tho, as she is/was a talent.
  2. Is My Wife is My Pornstar dead?

    Looks like ya got ur wish, VR and all that. I like the series myself, and YWMP has potential!
  3. VR models wishlist

    Dang.... madison ivy? havnt kept up with all the performers like I used ta! so, if shes still in the industry, then she'd be top da VR list for me.... along with a bunch of other beautiful women! lots of new stars.... good luck! ps... what about Jayden Jaymes too? and again, apologies if neither woman works or works with NA. They should, you guys do a great job! Thanks!!!!
  4. Insecure Connection to Naughty America

    Or? Maybe most of us members dont give a shit while having no real worries with ur dumb. There are ways to protect yourself from cyber activites outside of just the parameter you speak of mother fucker. Just coming in to make waves are ya, and under the grand auspice of offering up help no less. I call stinky bullshit on you! Apologies on my bad language, I'm the new Philipino President or something. Kinda jokin, but come on. Thanks for the two cents, but NA has got it under control there Snowden.
  5. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    again, Thank you for the VR performances! Hey, the fourth of July scene is well done, as they all are. Ice Cream and Sparklers! LOL Very nice
  6. Right to protest and free speech and all. Cant say i agree with anyone who absorbs what America offers, and then slaps that same life giving tit right back in the face. So, screw his stupid disrespectful ass. Still, im entitled to my opinion, and that chump, his.
  7. losing a treasure,... reminds me of such a thing when someone so talented passes. But, their gifts live on. RIP Gene... for me it was the crazy duo stuff with Richard Pryor and of course Young Frank!
  8. Kinda how I felt too! When I saw they were treating women like shit, I instantly tuned out and didn't go back. Fuck that. But, I'm with ya on taking great exception to that site you mentioned. Peace guys. Say a few whatever for me. Later
  9. a VR video of Me and Vicky Vette ba ba bangin'! But, it's gotta be that old school MFHM style vid with Nails in the laundry room plot! Thought that was a all time scene Vicky. Hope you are well!
  10. Well, like it. The KK scene was cool. Intrigued me. Seemed pretty natural. Made me think of something that has been done before. But..... Would be cool to put on a mask and let others fuck like me! I could go around and tape Jennifer Lawrence flirting with me and then dropping back for a bang in the airplane. I bet that virtual porn would sell! Still, the one dude in Miami started this with glasses. Ya need the material to make the VR trip worthwhile. Now, while I agree that watching me fuck the ever living silly ass girl out of JLaws pussy three times would be above nice..... I gotta suggest you can only afford combos like the QB vs Olivia Munn! I could step in for Aaron, as I know Olivia would agree to it rather country girl quick. Sign me up. Fuck, I've figured out the Internet! Oh, what about Eminem blasting Redhead Freckles Lohan in VR? I could also step in on that one, however.... You better give me hazard pay. I kid I kid, I'd do it for free just to show you fine folks how it is done. Oh the list is long, and let's get them all on camera for you people! The Naughty America! I really think the VR stuff is next level, and good luck going forward.
  11. Too bad ya can't vote down your posts anymore! We looking forward to such an event. Later
  12. Gotta say bout maybe ummm around the moon and back who gives a fuck? Wat up! Fuck all yall! K, now that we are all not friends again! Love ya, and hope this finds ya well. And to those of us who have went on, well wishes there 2. Hey now, ummm I got three things more to say before I disappear back into.... 1. Frankie prolly has an insane amount of stuff we don't wanna know about. 2. I got very little to zero porn at mi casa. Why? i don't know. Hmmm.... What a thoughtful question. Why don't I have more! Holy shit! Epiphany! Nah, gotta say all good and still enjoy dropping back in to say hello and check out new performances and talent. And I still got a crush on a couple girls, so whatever. Think I get a hall pass with 3 of em that currently reside here in HD gig format. 3. Madison Ivy is certainly one of em, and the others are bloop and blapp. Whatcha think bout that. *dick slap*. Talk to yall round da holidays! (Back in the day I kept around 300gigs on externals, and just a mix of a lot O quality NA material. I never shared it, and used it all proper like, and discarded it eventually. I really have enjoyed what NA and their talent provide O'er da years. Not gonna get much denser on ya, however let me say thanks again and look forward to new innovations with the Adult Industry. If I've said it once... You guys have the best opportunity at changing our ideas on humanity. be good, or a lil good anywho. Oh, and that other porn girl I saw checking me out in Vegas yesterday... Step off I'm doin the hump)
  13. Oh just hoping everyone is having a fine one. My ass is. Thanks too

  14. I hope everyone is well who were connected to this grave concern? Best wishes. ... And yeah I'm still kicking. Thanks for the invite to ffootball again, but I have too much rolling at the moment. I see old Frankie and Vin are still at it with the tranny insults! LoL Sincerely, all jokes aside... I do hope everyone is okay, and watch yourself in this new era we seem to be wading into as a country. D
  15. Havnt had a chance to look at how the draft went yet, but will try to this evening. And, yes, Cheers!