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  1. I'm okay with that. Probably wasn't gonna happen anyway lol
  2. A former co-worker. A definite positive experience for both I think.
  3. What's up! I've been in my own place for a couple years now. Still at same company, though I did change positions. Still very single, though I did finally get some, though that literally a year ago (end of June 2016). Been on a couple dates since, but nothing has really panned out.
  4. Big Brother doesn't want you having porn I guess. Still, to have all that gone. Sucks. Any scenes that were removed and never put back up?
  5. Shadow

    Slender Milfs

    Also prefer my MILFs with curves. Not saying India and others aren't good though.
  6. Shadow

    Nicole Aniston's contract

    If you only came here for one lady...why not join her personal site?
  7. Gay marriage is now legal, effective immediately: http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/26/politics/supreme-court-same-sex-marriage-ruling/index.html
  8. Also a lot of talk about if he deserves the terrorist label. I dont know enough about the shooter and his motives, but could really see it be applied here.
  9. Let me say, meeting Phoenix was a real treat. She is hella awesome.
  10. Shadow

    I guess I had a good run

    I'd be curious to know as well. Maybe they saw how many freebies are out there and decided it got out of hand.
  11. Shadow

    I guess I had a good run

    Pretty much what she told me as well.
  12. Shadow

    I guess I had a good run

    As is mine.
  13. I spent $25 from paypal to just try it out. 4 messages later I was already out of $$. Between getting number, and receiving and sending, it gets incredibly expensive really quick.
  14. Shadow


    I see Holly is back. Sweet
  15. Shadow

    Wall fucking

    Very funny....sad, but true.
  16. Shadow

    Wall fucking

    Yea, number one is hot!
  17. Shadow

    Dear NA insiders...

    That requires too much detective work.
  18. Shadow

    Dear NA insiders...

    Spill it!
  19. Good to hear. There are some lines that should not be crossed.
  20. I can think of one that I would love to see happen.....
  21. Good to see you on here! Anything you want to shoot? Type of scene, positions, etc?
  22. Shadow

    rather "large" pornstars ?

    I for one like those curves
  23. Shadow

    Dylan Ryder

    Took another step to get back in: http://www.dreamlover.com/DylanRyder