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    We'll see. I have my doubts.

    Seven? Seven? At this point you've got to be fucking kidding us. I've been a member for over ten years. Never have we gotten this shit that I remember. 7 fucking new scenes. Nice job there NA. Way to keep those customers that aren't jizzing themselves over VR scenes happy. Pathetic.

    Yeah, shit like that pisses me off. It feels like we are getting hosed. None of the other sites pull shit like that. I mean good, I get that you want to put out your VR shit and a remaster, and you TNGF, but don't fuck with your basic members.

    We only get 8 core scenes this week? What the fuck?

    Yes, those two would be it.

    Lezley is always a download she had a scene on here from years back that was deleted that MIGHT just have been one of the hottest scenes in Internet content history. Too bad it's gone.

    Actually dude is constantly getting work on other sites and in features. So nice try, but wrong as usual.
  8. Big Tits in VR hoax?

    You should contact billing so you can explain your situation and get your money back...that's why. Come on, you're an adult with obviously enough money and know how to sign up for a porn site. You should be able to figure out these things.
  9. Big Tits in VR hoax?

    That's because everything Angela and Natasha are in are great.
  10. Big Tits in VR hoax?

    Well, sounds to me like you need to contact billing or someone about that. Sorry about your luck.
  11. UPDATES!

    Pretty stacked week.
  12. Well, maybe I was wrong...it does look like Jessica got some 'splaining to do... http://www.augustames.com/index.php/blog/ That link was put up by her spouse on her Twitter.
  13. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    Eat a bowl of dicks fuckshit. Matter of fact. I bet you would enjoy shit like that. When you get done with your traipse through a garden of diseased cock. Feel free to give NA some more of your hard earned money by signing up for Suite 703. It would probably be more to your liking anyway.
  14. My Top Ten Pornstars

    Current 1. Jayden Cole 2. Angela White 3.Natasha Nice 4.Sheridan Love 5.Megan Sage (her eyes are amazing) 6. Aidra Fox 7.Lena Paul 8.Leya Falcon 9.Lexi Belle (she still does G/G) 10.Lauren Phillips Honorable Mentions: Tana Lea (she just BARELY missed the top 10 because she's still very new. Guarantee she'll be one of my 10 faves VERY soon) Keisha Gray Kissa Sins Katrina Jade Samantha Rone All Time Favorite: Eva Angelina
  15. UPDATES!

    Woohoo! New Lena Paul.
  16. UPDATES!

    You realize you're talking about the majority of cumshots right?
  17. UPDATES!

    It was good. Very good!
  18. UPDATES!

    Not really, no.
  19. Where'd all the creampies go?

    But seriously...your obsession with creampies is rather disturbing. I'm just throwing...that...out there...
  20. I'm going to change what I said about Jessica Drake, because it doesn't seem like she was even trying to be rude and she wasn't directly mentioning August, so it's not fair or responsible of me to trash her about it, but she seemed to answer August. And some mope by the name of Jaxton Wheeler told her to swallow a cyanide pill...even though he's back peddling (initially he denied it until someone showed captures of the tweet) and trying to play it down. So Naughty America and Lauren...if you're reading. Don't book Jaxton Wheeler...ever
  21. It's bullshit that this all caused such a scuttlebutt and caused a bunch of performers to dogpile on her which probably she had a lot of bullshit on her plate, to the point that she was pushed over the edge. But I see it all the time on Twitter. All the petty bullshit. Finally it pushed someone too far.
  22. UPDATES!

    Uhhh,,,most of those girls are 20 and up. Just saying.
  23. UPDATES!

    Janice has curves, She's just tiny. She is a true spinner.
  24. UPDATES!

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!! Don't tell me NA went and picked up their own Jordi! Is Phoenix going to be picking him up in power bomb position and sucking his dick in his next scene?