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  1. Griffin

    New Member - Content Availability

    And NA made the greatest chicken salad years ago. Their scenes were wonderful.
  2. Griffin


    BING-Mother fucking O
  3. I too was a a loyal member from 2007-about April. I was thinking of caving and came back here to see how everything was working with the new membership guidelines. There is no fucking way I'm signing back up unless they reinstate NA Live (never happening). I predicted it would go straight to shit and I was right.
  4. Griffin

    So Andreas.

    I see the whole new roll out happened. You were right, all I see are happy customers. Working out swimmingly I see, just want to give my regards. Ta Ta sir.
  5. Griffin

    New releases blocked?

    This is fucking hilarious. I KNEW I'd come back and this would be going down.
  6. Griffin

    MFHM x3, Sneak Peek!

    You mean the business plan that actually WORKS FOR A SITE?! IMAGINE THAT! Andreas...tell the truth, are you trying to lose the customers? Are you really trying to get this place to shutter it's doors? Trying to kill ol' NA off? It's okay, you can tell us. I only hope you at least pro-rate those loyal customers that stick around until the bitter end...which looks like it's coming sooner and sooner for this place. The only thing that could POSSIBLY get me to ever come back at this point is the return of NA Live, and we BOTH know that's not EEEEEHHHHHVER going to happen.
  7. Griffin

    Membership Pricing

    Plot twist, Andreas is trying to make this site affordable to only the very rich and affluent by doing the same lousy shit and putting it behind a paywall.
  8. Griffin

    Membership Pricing

    Looks like this worked out pretty well for you Andreas, didn't it?
  9. Griffin

    Hey Andreas.

    Told ya so. Where's that transparency you were feigning there for awhile? Come on dude. Let us know what you're doing.
  10. Griffin

    Membership Pricing

    Nope, the disaster artist is gone once again now that another shit idea has blown up in his face.
  11. Griffin

    April 2nd changes to Naughty America

    Wasn't combative at all. I just think this is a really bad idea. I just think you've made more than your fair share of them as of late.
  12. Griffin

    April 2nd changes to Naughty America

    Hahahahahahahahaha. Haaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!! HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Go down swingin' Andreas...go down swingin' son.
  13. Griffin

    Membership Pricing

    HA! I already did! For the first fucking time since January of 2007 I don't have a Naughty America membership. You tried to call my bluff and instead I threw the cards right down on the table and it's a royal fucking flush! That is how you keep a loyal customer folks...take note! I used to be ride or fucking die for this site (well, as much as you can healthily be for a site centered around and selling pornography) I was like "Fuck Brazzers" I had a fucking Naughty America shirt! Look what it's come to. Your fucking FANBOYS are jumping off this mother fucker for Christ sakes, and instead of saying "Well, I wonder what I can do to keep these new VR people happy while ALSO catering to our common dyed in the wool regular Joe stiffs who don't necessarily have VR headsets and sign up for quality scenes" You went "Well fuck you, I'm just going to keep doing things my way and it really doesn't matter who we lose." It's going to come back and bite you straight in the ass Andreas. Holy shit. Reality Kings is beating you right now...let that sink in...REALITY MOTHER FUCKING KINGS is beating you right now for the love of Sweet lil' baby Jesus! And Brazzers is smoking you like Cheech and Chong on a trip to fucking Amsterdam and has been in every way for at least a few years now. It NEVER used to be that way. NEVER! They use big names more frequently... (Angela White has 18 quality scenes...everything she does is good...but still 18...EIGHTEEN scenes over there, all non-VR, all very well shot.) Getting you to shoot someone is like pulling fucking teeth sometimes. How long did it take Tana Lea to get over here, and thank you Lauren, you are amazing for getting her over here. And we STILL haven't gotten any new Lily Lane (inked chick that is doing really well) scenes. How about Katrina Jade? You seem to save a lot of the threesomes and the foursomes for strictly VR. What about the basics? Remember years ago when you had that Bobbi Starr, Lexi Belle, Breanne Benson, Gracie Glam scene (that I still think was the best scene in all of 2010 and should have won an AVN Award.) ? Remember that shit? I do. Where's the stuff like that? Because it sure as the sun shines and shit stinks isn't here, not anymore. So in closing. You dared me to cancel, and I did. And I'm really heavily leaning towards not coming back. First time in 11 years. That's a long time and a shitload of money invested. Congratulations.
  14. Griffin

    Membership Pricing

    Haha. It's like they're DARING members not to renew/sign up.
  15. Griffin


    If Borat wants to see pegging on here, we're getting pegging. It doesn't matter what WE want.