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  1. Channels? WTF is this all about

    Yeah, I'm not renewing my yearly April 6th. This is getting to be absolute complete bullshit.

    Hopefully they didn't Alicia or Sandee her ass.

    I do blame Andreas for this site going to shit. Maybe if he came out and was more transparent with his customers (the people that pay for this site and pay to see the people here like Shel and even Huggy (Yeah, his work is pretty good)) I'd have less of a problem with him. But it seemed like he doesn't want to do that. He pretty much would comment back when he was on Live With Lauren back in the day, when someone would request something or an idea he would shoot it down with "Yeah, I don't like that" an awful lot. So, if he's not listening to the consumer. Than yes...let's blame Andreas, and I will until the cows come home. It hurts to say (and it shouldn't by the way but it does) it hurts to say that Brazzers is LIGHTYEARS ahead of this place now. Hell, REALITY KINGS OF ALL PLACES is smoking this place at times. REALITY FUCKING KINGS FOR FUCK'S SAKE! I mean come on dude. Has it ever been such shit around here? And with the lack of updates and NOW the channels bullshit. I have a sinking feeling it's going to get worse. I really miss Laura. Her and Lauren made this place great. Lauren still does her job and is unbelievably phenomenal at doing so (you'll NEVER hear me say a bad word about Lauren, she has done nothing but good around here.) But her and Lauren made this place special. Now it's just so mediocre, because of yes, I suspect because of Andreas. When he took over things it seems like is when the place started slowly going downhill and here we are now. I shouldn't have to pay for a gimmick, a relatively expensive gimmick, to watch good pornography. And that's what VR is. It's a fucking gimmick that we were originally led to believe wasn't going to inhibit our experience with this site. But it has I would argue. This place used to be good, no gimmicks, porn. And that's what made it number one in my opinion. They've strayed SO MUCH from that path it's not even funny anymore.
  4. Channels? WTF is this all about

    So just to clarify this boneheaded move. Does this mean that the scenes that we PAID FOR already, the UPDATES that have already been released that we PAID FOR with our memberships are going to be put behind a paywall? Because that's a HELLUVA lot of scenes...and a very bad idea. I remember when this place used to literally be THE site and it was so great. Now it's MAYBE second rate...or heading that way. What a joke.
  5. Channels? WTF is this all about

    Keep circling the fucking toilet NA...keep circling the fucking toilet.

    They probably got tired of the shit they're getting for cutting it to one new non VR release per day, so they stopped.

    Borat probably decided he didn't like them. What Borat says, goes.

    You must be out of your fucking mind if you think Angela White is "fat" or "flabby" dude. Just putting that out there.

    I'll give it to you here. Hell, Angela is shooting numerous scenes for other sites and they have bountiful scenes of her. She's porn's "It" girl and that doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Especially if you saw the AVN's. Naughty America doesn't capitalize on that though. Also, they brought one of my favorites back for a fucking VR scene, April O'Neal but didn't shoot her for a regular scene. So what the fuck ever. My membership is up in April and for the first time since 2007 I might not be a member. And it's looking more and more likely to be the case. And I used to be a die hard NA fan. They seemed to just, stop giving a fuck about a lot of their customers. And I know it's not Lauren that did it. It's probably Borat. He took over and NA has slowly been going to the shitter ever since.
  10. UPDATES!

    As long as you know your place fuck boy.
  11. UPDATES!

    Psss. You're still a giant pile of diarrhea shit. Carry on...
  12. She's retired...long retired. She's not coming back to do a VR scene.
  13. UPDATES!

    Or they want to avoid the backlash from the non VR scenes by listing that they only release 7 new non VR, Non remastered, Non TGF scenes a week now.
  14. UPDATES!

    Face it dude, after the last few weeks and knowing NA's track record with this kind of thing, I doubt it's going to change for us non VR people. It's funny, because NA was built on the backs of us fans that signed up for quality non-VR porn scenes. And we got that. Now we get run of the mill stuff and they keep cutting our scene count. So, this is going to stick. Or get worse before it gets better.
  15. UPDATES!

    I wonder if this week we'll be down to 6 non VR non remastered scenes.