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  1. NA-clips with feet-action

    Have NA given up on foot fetish? No updates what so ever. Im soon leaving for Brazzers.
  2. NA-clips with feet-action

    What has this scene got to do with anything? No foot fetish in this scene?
  3. NA-clips with feet-action

    Two updates or so in three months.. You can do better:)
  4. Female Talent!

    Nicole Aniston is the next big thing. Love her!
  5. Nicole Aniston

    I have found a new favourite girl. Nicole Aniston! What a beauty! A am completely head over heels. More of her, please. She also has the best legs and feet I have ever seen. A stunning girl. Anyone agree?
  6. NA-clips with feet-action

    I see this is fixed now. Once again: Keep ut the good work!
  7. NA-clips with feet-action

    This scene with Rocco Reed and Asa Akira should be tagged with the foot fetish category. Great toe sucking! http://tour.naughtyamerica.com/scenes/asa-akira6/13195/?&nats=MTAwNC40LjguOC42NDIuMC4wLjAuMA
  8. NA-clips with feet-action

    Great work lately. Perfect amount of foot fetish! Looking forward to the Emma Starr scene.
  9. Emma Starr

    Thanks, looking forward to it:)
  10. NA-clips with feet-action

    Agreed. Love it when the foot fetish isnt overemphasized, but a little foot-kissing or toe sucking is always appreciated:)
  11. NA-clips with feet-action

    NA is now counting 70 scenes with foot fetish action. Great work, guys.
  12. Emma Starr

    Emma, you are one of my favourite actresses. I just cant seem to get enough. Would love for you to do some more foot-stuff, not much, just some toesucking/feetkissing in the scenes would add much value to the scenes. You have the best legs.
  13. Phillysha Anne

    Is the scene coming soon?
  14. Phillysha Anne

    My favourite MILF, Phyllisha Anne, is she still doing porn?
  15. NA-clips with feet-action

    Great last scene with Tanya Tate!