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  1. I can assure you that I do not have a biological clock issue. I dont even have a battery in that clock LOL
  2. Seriously you guys, I wasn't UNHAPPY ... I just feel like this is the end of this chapter in my life. And if you all think I am so bad-ass then you should be able to see that the next chapter of my life will be awesome too. lol Makes sense? I am a cat and will land on my feet for sure.
  3. HAWT! i leave satisfied
  4. that is awesome! now show your face and tits bitch
  5. thank you guys for the kind words... I will definitely miss everyone and all the antics on LWL It was a sad day for me yesterday, but also very exciting and I am ready to take on the next phase of my life, whatever that might be. Follow me on twitter and read my blog ... xoxoxoxo
  6. time for a change a new chapter in my life awaits me you still have that dumb GF?
  7. Lose my number skank! lol
  8. Ynot

    Wow Laura. I'm shocked as hell right now that you are leaving the NA family. We will really really really miss you. You are one of a kind and will never be replaced. I hope we hear from you every now and again. NA will never be the same again now that you are leaving. GOOD LUCK!

  9. hi Laura, good luck in your new adventure's whatever they may be.hate to see you go,thanks for bringing lots the entertainment to live chat, had a lot of fun and laughs :)

  10. Thank you everyone... I will miss you guys a lot! Its been 8 amazing years xoxo -Laura
  11. laura

    Benn's screencap MADNESS!!!

    HAHAHAHA we have to do something ridiculous tomorrow! I hope Lauren isnt out sick
  12. I went on a South Park app on my phone and clicked random.


  13. saturday he was on the show floor groping babes all day and Sunday he left early no time when you are cruising the convention
  14. laura

    Dallas and the Reviews

    Dallas wore her stilhettos to yoga the other day HAWT