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  1. Alternative NA Girl of Year.

    Krissy Lynn needs to be added to the list! So underrated here but gorgeous and a really nice set of boobs. She's has the required number of scenes and have done a bunch of live shows. As for the ones on the list, definitely Kagney.
  2. Krissy Lynn

    I absolutely love her! Her Naughty Cowgirl scene was amazing and she was frickin awesome in her 2 chicks scene with Kagney. Her boobs may be fake but they jiggle like they're real and they look so yummy! Kudos to Kagney and Bill Bailey for playing with them so well. Hopefully NA will shoot more of her (and please whoever is her scene partner, play with those boobies! Sergio and Christian completely ruin the scenes with their lack of attention to boobies). I would like to see her in a scene for wife's hot friend, neighbor affair, sister's hot friend or even diary of a nanny.
  3. What annoys you in porn?

    1. Nice boobs that get no attention just cuz the guy wants his dick sucked right away. Boobs deserve as much attention as the guy's dick. 2. Overbearing tattoos. A spot here or there wouldn't bug me but to go nuts like Faye Runaway or Brooke Banner really kills the beauty of the girls. 3. When girls with implants pretend they have natural boobs. It's rare when it happens but it's freaking annoying and it's an insult to the viewers. More often, they make statements like "oh look, you have breast reduction surgery" which can be funny. The worst is when the hardest bolt-ons are said to be "soft and giggly" by the guys. 4. When a guy treats the girl like a piece of meat. I hate it when guys act all macho and smack them around like they're dirt. It's even worst when the girl pretends to put on the "I'm a dirty whore act therefore you should smack me around" when it's obvious that they're not comfortable at all. 5. Bad acting. Now, I know that's not what they're there for but poor verbal delivery kills any scene because it makes you gag. Brianna Banks is the biggest example of this. If you can't speak properly or even remote emote any emotion or expression, stick with gonzo porn and just go straight to the fuck.
  4. Seriously, why is it that a lot of times some of the best boobs and nips in the biz goes without getting played with in some of these scenes. The best example is Alexis Texas. Sure, her focus is her nice ass but she has great boobs and they're always neglected. Kagney Lynn Carter's boobs are also constantly neglected too. My point is, the girls would take off their tops and the guys never touch them. Or the girls would ride someone cowgirl style and the guys just lie there instead of playing with them. The worst is when the girls leave their bras on the whole scene. Anyone else agree? Anyone have specific examples of when they felt the girls got jipped out of nice boobage playing.