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  1. Hi Tanya, this is @NeelBell from twitter, the nalive chats, danni chats, streammate, etc. Just wanted to say how much I LOVED ur new naughtyamerica scene with James Deen! The story, the sex, him giving u multiple orgasms, him cumming in ur mouth and swallowing it, definitly my fav scene of urs yet! Im goin to try talking on the forum of them getting a part 2 of ur scene possibly at ur recently divorced friends house by a pool barbeque with maybe some other women. Any suggestions? Was...

  2. How many times do my boobs bounce? www.tanyatate.com/blog

  3. Love this shoot... you did see my hot Emma Frost pics Got loads of superhero cosplay pics on my blog www.justalottatanya.com But....you will be waiting for anal.... I have not shot my 1st scene yet maybe something I am saving for my members on my website.
  4. tanyatate

    Another Jayden Cole Scene

    I have never shot with Jayden Cole... oooh lets bring that on
  5. I need votes to help me win Comics Ninja 'Cosplay Babe Of The Year'... Damn last day just how can I do it? http://www.ComicsNinja.com

  6. tanyatate

    Scene of the Week: Oct 10-16

    Lol this made me laugh... thanks for giving me your vote xox
  7. Ah thank you Torero....I love being hot and sexy.....XOXOX

  8. YOU are so hott,love your sexyness.....

  9. Everyday I wake up feeling horny and today is no exception... time to play!

  10. Hahaha....so glad you like....I just love it!!
  11. Hi babe...my fetish dress pics can now be viewed on my blog check out: http://www.tanyatate.com/blog Hope you like!!
  12. Haha hope will be soon!!
  13. OMG my latex dress for last nights FETISH PARTY is AMA:)ZING!! Watch out in my blog for pics coming soon
  14. Hi guys thank you all for watching me on 23rd March.... I had sooo much fun on the LIVE webcam. Hope to be back soon before I leave LA at the end of April...xoxoxox
  15. Me too babe :)...XOXOX