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    He must have a very tight schedule keeping his shirt and socks on the whole time. He must have shot that scene during recess.

    So I guess another MFHM scene. today's scheduled Reagan Foxx, has been replaced with the Rachel Starr Charles Dera scene?

    No, that is what Lauren told me happened. Her response is what prompted me to post that question. Her response was on Wed. just before 5 pm though private message response, in case you're wondering why you didnt see it. Here it is. Hello, The scene has tech issues and will not be going live. Thanks!

    Maybe this has been answered long ago, but when an update is posted here is dropped for technical reasons right before it actually gets put up, how is that possible? How are tech issues with a video not discovered right away in post production long before it would get added to this update list? I ask this because tech issues with the syren de mer video was reason given for why it was dropped.

    Please tell me the MFHM with syren demer, scheduled for tomorrow, is just switching days with the MFHM Richelle Ryan, scheduled for Sunday, and not being dropped altogether. Right now the 3 updates listed on the site for tomorrow include the richelle one not the syren one.
  6. Website/Video/file issues

    and i dont know that that symbol you posted next to yes means.
  7. Website/Video/file issues

    ok what should i be concerned about?
  8. Website/Video/file issues

    sm.naughty.cdn recently came up as a flash cookie in my daily scan. a quick google search traced it to naughty america. this has never appeared before today after using the site. is this a thing to be concerned about?

    what is this new site you speak of?
  10. UPDATES!

    I only ask the because the releases always come out in the order they are listed unless there is a change...but the 3 scenes listed for Monday at the site are scenes 2 3 and 4 on this list. Is the first one listed...MFHM Mia Ryder just out of place here or has there been a change?
  11. UPDATES!

    2nd week in a row for MFHM...terrible start to the year
  12. UPDATES!

    NO Emma Starr/Seth Gamble...man that's like a dream pairing for my favorite site MFHM...what a waste. To top it off, no MFHM at all this week. I made Santas NIce list, I promise.
  13. UPDATES!

    Are there really 4 MWHF next week, or it is possible an incorrect abbreviation was used. I ask before I have never noticed that many new scenes for one site in the same week.
  14. UPDATES!

    I remember the huge response the MFHM with India Summer and James Deen received, but I must say NA Canada took that to a whole new level. I'm not one to toot their horn, but today's Leigh Darby scene with them should be made into a MFHM scene ASAP.
  15. UPDATES!

    I've been gone for a month or so, so I might but be aware of it, but are updates for a particular week now posted at the beginning of that week instead of the end of the previous week..because this would be the third or fourth time in a row. Is this the new normal...t wondering.