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  1. Hey Guys... It's been a little while since I shot for NA and thrilled to say I just did an amazing scene this week (Monday) with Dane Cross! Shelby Black was an awesome director and I can't wait to see how it looks! Anyway... Just wanted to shoot you guys a quick hello and see how you're all doing since I haven't been on the forum lately?
  2. It's been over a year (crazy how fast time flies) since I shot for NA and just wanted to tell you guys it was a pleasure once again! Christian and his crew were awesome as always and I simply can't wait to see the results!
  3. Me too! I have a feeling there will be more of me in the near future!
  4. Thx so much for that, MrBlue! So glad to hear you enjoyed it!!
  5. Thx so much! I only shot the one scene, but I'm sure we'll do more in the near future!
  6. Vanilla DeVille

    Vanilla Deville .....

    I would love too shoot again! Just say when!
  7. Vanilla DeVille

    Scene of the Week: Jan 17-23

    You guys are great! *kiss* That was an awesome scene to shoot and I had a BLAST!! As usual, Christian kicked ass! :)
  8. Vanilla DeVille

    Vanilla Deville .....

    OMG, you're right!!! She totally deserves first place for that! LOL
  9. Vanilla DeVille

    Vanilla Deville .....

    You're very sweet, Hunny. Thank you~ *muah*
  10. Vanilla DeVille

    Vanilla Deville .....

    Thanks, Luv... It's always so much fun working with you. You're the best! Wait a sec... I thought I was the best scene from that weekend? BOO! LOL
  11. Vanilla DeVille

    Vanilla Deville .....

    Wow! Thanks so much for the Luv, Guys! I had so much fun during that scene. I Luv you, NA!!
  12. Vanilla DeVille

    Request for Live

    Thank you for the mention, Luv~
  13. Vanilla DeVille

    Montana Skye

    A holiday theme? Hmm... now that could be fun!
  14. Vanilla DeVille

    an NA first

    Interesting observation. I can see what you mean, however that was not the case. Montana and I kept taking turns with Seth's yummy cock and the three of us had a great time together! Glad you guys like the scene - it was a lot of fun!
  15. hehe - I seriously doubt I could pull that one off... However, it would feel nice every now and again.
  16. Vanilla DeVille

    GMNA Tuesday August 25th 2009

    Well, if you are done that quickly, I'll keep touching myself until you guys wake up from your nap! lol
  17. HAHA - I know!!! It just doesn't seem to like you at ALL! lol I think I'll just shave my head for you next time! That would be hot, right?
  18. Vanilla DeVille

    GMNA Tuesday August 25th 2009

    I'm naturally a very hyper person... especially with sex. I don't stop until I pass out - which could take hours!
  19. Haha- Thanks for the heads up, my Luv! Why don't you ever DM me on Twitter? Booo!! No luv for me... ahem~
  20. Thx so much for the Luv, Guys! You're too cool!! Can't wait for next time!
  21. Vanilla DeVille

    GMNA Tuesday August 25th 2009

    It's funny, you're not the first person to tell me that I have a male/like sex drive. lol Thx so much, Luv!! *kiss*
  22. Vanilla DeVille

    GMNA Tuesday August 25th 2009

    You're too sweet - thx so much Milffan! It was great to hang out with you guys! I had so much fun!
  23. LOL - you're too cute