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  1. Hey Everyone! I decided to mosie on over here and say hi to everyone! I'm getting caught up on some stuff I've putting off and then its vacation time for me! I was wondering, did anyone on here make it to Glamourcon in Chicago? It was my first trade show and it was such a learning experience. I know that there are a ton of people who have bad things to say about this industry, but as far as my experience goes, most of the people I have come accross are so nice and generous with advice, contacts, etc. I can't wait until the next show! :laugh:
  2. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    Hey Naughty America world!!! How has everyone been?
  3. My porn pet peeves: Fake eye lashes, I don't like the way they look or feel when I'm wearing them, bad lighting, when directors don't provide make up artists I have absolutely no talent when it comes to doing make up for the camera and it always looks bad when I do it...bad lighting makes it look even worse.
  4. BeccaBlossoms

    Married/Committed Porn stars

    I just came across this old post...wow, its old!!! I have been happily single for 2 years now Is there a thread for happily single porn stars
  5. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    We're worked with Gilbert a few times, he's really a great guy and I give him credit for putting up with us
  6. Some of those girls looked great before the implants. I have nothing against anyone doing what they want to alter their bodies however, sometimes what God gave you is so much more beautiful than anything man made.
  7. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    I shot 2 new scenes. I can't wait until their out!!!
  8. Gettin' ready for Vegas, I've never been there!!

  9. Gettin' ready for Vegas, I've never been there!!

  10. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    Hello to all you Naughty Amrericans!!! I havn't been in the forums in a while, I miss them I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone Kisses, Becca Blossoms
  11. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    Thanks for the kind words Haven't done anal, I don't know if I'm ever going to do an anal scene I would love to do more girl/girl scenes, I've only done 2 and had fun each time
  12. Let me and Chong help you get in the Christmas mood!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEefApEej6U Don't forget to give to those who are in need this year!
  13. Where in Wisconsin are you? Are you enjoying the snow???

  14. Don't forget to give to those in need this Christmas season!!! A little bit can go long way.

  15. Hi back to ya!!!


  16. What did you dress up for on Halloween?
  17. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    Hey Guys!!! I have entered my first ever contest and I want to see just how far I can go. Will you please take a moment and vote for me? I think you can vote often!!!! http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=249 Thanks! Kisses, Becca Blossoms
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    Happy Halloween!!!

    Very creative, Daemon!! You shoud post pics
  19. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    Happy Halloween Everyone!!!
  20. BeccaBlossoms

    AVN : Adult Performer tests HIV positive.

    Very well said, thank you I personally would perfer condoms in every scene. Wicked uses condoms, they have the right idea and I would like to see other companies follow their example. Of course there should always be testing, even if condoms are used.
  21. It could have nothing to do with scenes, I'm pretty clumsy and have caused bruises on my body by wiping out on my roller blades, losing my grip on a stripper pole and tripping over my cat Some of us are just clumsy, LOL!!!
  22. I like that there is a high number of teens using condoms
  23. BeccaBlossoms

    Married/Committed Porn stars

    Don't forget me, I'm engaged to Chong
  24. BeccaBlossoms

    American obsession about shoes...

    I like to check out the shoes but thats just a girl thing. I like cute shoes
  25. I wish I had some great idea for ya. I'm sorry your having to deal with this. I had my air go out one year and it took 3 days for the repair guy to come out and fix it. Needless to say, I had to pay an arm and leg since it was in the middle of summer. Hang in there! Becca Blossoms