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    Loved ones, health and fitness, music, psychology, dancing, traveling, simply enjoying life :)


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    I'm a midwestern MILF enjoying a double life as a porn star :) Its been awesome so far
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    I live in the midwest but travel for work often
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    working out, running, family, friends, cooking, motorcycles
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    Porn Girl!!!!!
  1. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    Hey Naughty America world!!! How has everyone been?
  2. My porn pet peeves: Fake eye lashes, I don't like the way they look or feel when I'm wearing them, bad lighting, when directors don't provide make up artists I have absolutely no talent when it comes to doing make up for the camera and it always looks bad when I do it...bad lighting makes it look even worse.
  3. BeccaBlossoms

    Married/Committed Porn stars

    I just came across this old post...wow, its old!!! I have been happily single for 2 years now Is there a thread for happily single porn stars
  4. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    We're worked with Gilbert a few times, he's really a great guy and I give him credit for putting up with us
  5. Some of those girls looked great before the implants. I have nothing against anyone doing what they want to alter their bodies however, sometimes what God gave you is so much more beautiful than anything man made.
  6. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    I shot 2 new scenes. I can't wait until their out!!!
  7. Gettin' ready for Vegas, I've never been there!!

  8. Gettin' ready for Vegas, I've never been there!!

  9. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    Hello to all you Naughty Amrericans!!! I havn't been in the forums in a while, I miss them I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone Kisses, Becca Blossoms
  10. BeccaBlossoms

    Becca Blossoms

    Thanks for the kind words Haven't done anal, I don't know if I'm ever going to do an anal scene I would love to do more girl/girl scenes, I've only done 2 and had fun each time
  11. Hi Becca. I live near the Miss. River. And yeah, I guess it's not yet winter in Wisconsin without snow.

  12. Where in Wisconsin are you? Are you enjoying the snow???

  13. Don't forget to give to those in need this Christmas season!!! A little bit can go long way.

  14. Hi back to ya!!!


  15. Let me and Chong help you get in the Christmas mood!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEefApEej6U Don't forget to give to those who are in need this year!