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  1. Thanks, I really like those crazy pics I cant wait for the entire sets to be released

  2. so i assume that what you were talking about was the TEX, KL video thing?

    And thanks

  3. Im not 100% what exactly you are talking about,

  4. specifically what?

  5. Thanks Lol glad it only took you a year to figure that out ;-)

  6. Hey I thought I saved it on myspace, please send it again Ill make sure I respond to it today

  7. No they just changed by 2 days

  8. Hey email me angelvainentertainment@gmail.com ASAP

  9. Im gonna Dom these forums lol

  10. no matter what? Lol did I do something I dont know about?

  11. Thats a touchy subject, id prefer not to say anything about. I saw the thread{s} Lets just wait for the dust to settle please ;-) Everyones still kind of shaken up and on edge about it till.

  12. Your package went out today sorry I suck at being a friend lol. I mean Lag Thank you again for everything

  13. Hey regardless of what happens, m going to lug my chargers gear with me all the way around the country just so when i get up there and we see you, all the pics will have you, and me decked out in Chargers gear hahahhaha

  14. try not in bed yet whoop whoop, partied it up with my girls after my show in Baton Rouge

  15. Well I hope everything works out great for you, you were one of the first to support me and bring me here so I really appreciate it.

  16. How you been Lou???? I used to hear from you so often and not so much lately hope all is well with the new job and everything else

  17. really good Brian really Busy and you?

  18. no kidding I forgot ann marie

  19. Yeah I couldnt watch though I was out all day, It was a tattoo day idk im friends with Tori Black and Phoenix Marie that would be my top choices if I had to say. There are so many honestly lol

  20. I do, but due to my secret porn identity lol I dont tell, noone really knows and for now I will keep it that way, no offense.

  21. Hey Thank you, Always alot of fun

  22. Hey TEX congrats love. I have a question for you DM me your email on twitter

  23. NO SHIT I died little on the inside today