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  1. Scapegoat Wax was awesome great song, most of thier stuff was great, I like Almost fine alot. Its ashame the new band isnt nearly as good.

  2. Wow thats kind of a fucked up and insulting statement... Im sure some parents are, but thankfully not mine. My parents are great. War vets both of them, I was brought up around the world. Very churchgoing, involved in the church and in the community and had me and my brother doing all that stuff too. Growing up my family were strict and supportive but allowed me the freedoms to be me and gave me trust and empowered me to make my own choices before they would step in. My parents were always there if we needed them for anything. They were amazingly supportive and assited me in any way i could for anything I did. They went to all my soccer games growing up and we always had family dinners etc, I have a big family and my entire family is that way. I still talk to my parents daily and they visit often... I could honestly go on for hours about how amazing my family is.
  3. Thanks you too see you next week in SD

  4. IDK i have just done quite a few GG scenes but none were for NA... If its what you want speak up ;-)

  5. Happy Birthday... I hope you have a great day, Ill write your name in frosting across my tits later and send you a pic. HAHAHHAHA Have a great day Love Angel
  6. and happy birthday to you
  7. Angel Vain


    Happy Birthday
  8. Angel Vain

    2257 question

    Yeah NA is the Custodian of records for that specific shoot on the banner Like even if I posted a hardcore pic of Me and Phoenix, even though we both have NA scenes, they dont hold the records to that specific shoot. Therefore 2257 fail.
  9. Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity.

    Mosey along now, nothing to see here.


    Whats up with your twitter

  10. Angel Vain

    Andrew 39

    No worries. So are you gonna change your mname on here now?
  11. Hey, Help me out if you can. I just registered for Aids Walk LA. I am walking with Belladonna and a few other adult stars. We are with EVIL ANGEL video. If you can, take a minute to click and donate ANYTHING you can even 1.00 helps We are almost to our goal. Help push us over the top. it would be so rad. http://aidswalklosangeles2009.kintera.org/angelvain I havent figured it out JUST yet but im going to do a special prize for the person who donates the highest amount. Send me an email if you donate so I can say thank you and keep track. Please help, remember ANY donation helps. Thank you guys for any support. I love you guys here on NA. Angel Vain xoxoxoooxooxoxoxoox {Not sure the best place to put this so move it wherever if need be.}
  12. and see we are pretty close to having the same perspective I think 2 years is alot on LT if they start getting backs he is going to want out FAST. I wish we would have gotten Knowshon Moreno. Mayne I can really score and we get James from Miami. {U}

  13. Um that 3rd base ump should be fired on the spot for missing such a call
  14. Angel Vain

    THE FINAL 5 - Official

    We shall see depends on the day Adultcon is that same time. Im only an hour away from NA so if theres a party I may roll down
  15. I agree shottenheimer couldnt get over the Playoff hurdle... But he has balls. Turner is a Ballless freak. As much as it pains me to say it, I think our course with LT and Merriman is done too. It may be rebuilding time. I love sproles but we need a good power back as well. its tough to say... Cromartie is looking like a lil bitch too hahhaha OH the horror

  16. Angel Vain

    THE FINAL 5 - Official

    you outta towners are stoked SD is one of the best places to party...
  17. Angel Vain

    Angel Vain

    Idk I carried her books home from school the past few days:wub::wub: Jk In all honesty we are just good friends.
  18. I just want the Angels Dodgers series for the atmosphere that will wave over this area
  19. Bucs started 0-26 back in the 70's Im suprised no Detroit fans throw that out.."Hey at least we are not the 76-77 Bucs"
  20. id be so happy to see a Dodgers ANGELs series.....
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    Benn's screencap MADNESS!!!

    Im looking at your hair.......... But usually when Im the half naked woman sitting next to you... Im thinking WOW my nips are cold I wonder what conditioner Lauren uses, I dont see a single split end, WOW I wonder if she deep conditions...Was I just thinking about my nipples?....
  22. Angel Vain

    Angel Vain

    HAHAHAHHA Twitter Thieves lol jk......
  23. EMMA is a Hottie she visited me in Vegas and she is amazingly hott and Very sweet. =- I think she has the hang of twitter now too Whoop Whoop
  24. Angel Vain

    THE FINAL 5 - Official

    Congrats ALL
  25. Angel Vain

    Angel Vain

    I posted your answer in my thread =-)