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  1. Angel Vain

    Girls on Other Sites That You Want to See

    Amia Moretti is Amia Miley now
  2. Just wanted to say Happy fathers day to all you guys who are parents. I hope you have a great day with your families. Angel
  3. Angel Vain

    Scene of the Week: May 30 - June 5

    Oh cool, either way, win or tie im still stoked
  4. Angel Vain

    Scene of the Week: May 30 - June 5

    Thanks to everyone who voted for me you guys rock. Is it a Tie because I voted for myself lol? I mean what do you expect
  5. Should BP be fined? YES In short, But also....................... The Government,for failing to enforce regulations they imposed Halliburton. Who built the well with faulty parts Transocean. who owns the well and should be held accountable for their property Furthermore, with the cap they have now, they are siphoning a high [ercentage of oil now. From start to completion of the cutting of the well, it took 4 days. That cutting/siphon plan was BP's first plan, the goverment told them NO. So they went to like 10 other ways and back to their original plan after all of them failed. So essentially all the oil in the gulf in my eyes is more the governments fault. If we let BP do it their way, it would have been under control after maybe 10 days tops instead of 60
  6. my signature applies to you as well

  7. gave ur new scene 5 star :)

  8. Angel Vain

    Live Chat Alterations

    I will give you a full re-cap monday night.
  9. Thanks, I really like those crazy pics I cant wait for the entire sets to be released

  10. Yea, I was. It's okay now, it is resolved.

  11. so i assume that what you were talking about was the TEX, KL video thing?

    And thanks

  12. You are one HOT lady!

  13. yeah I definately need to be 135*135 for his signature Just sayin
  14. I guess I don't know either....lots of things going through my head at the moment. I guess I take rejection far too personally.

  15. Im not 100% what exactly you are talking about,