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  1. Hey guys just wanted to stop by and say whats up! I am back shooting full force. Shelby Black has been the 1st to shoot me just for you guys! Make sure you show him love! Feel free to say hi to me and ask questions or just chit chat with me...im around now for you to take advantage of me... x EVA!!!! FOLLOw ME ON TWITTER @LIFEOFEVA FOR UPDATES!!!
  2. Hey everyone! Eva Angelina here! Just needed to ask you all for some help. Miss Freeones 2010 has kick started and would love to win this competition. 10k is always a nice thing to win. so if you guys could go to Miss Freeones Site and vote for me I promise I will keep on letting guys nut all over my glasses and getting fucked in the ass. Muah! Eva Angelina!
  3. Hey guys! i have just started posting as of right now and just wanted to say "Hi!" to everyone and show some love!
  4. No anal yet but im sure there will be some for me to shoot soon for Naughty America...i am doing anal in my videos now though.... Oxox
  5. You guys r great! Glad i have fans like you guys!!!
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    hey everyone....sorry i havent been on here in a great, big minute....been super crazy between shooting for NA and sinworXXX have you guys voted for us today? go to my official voting page to vote for me as female performer of the year! i love you guys and hope you totally love the scenes i have shot for NA and me shows on NA LIVE! tell me what you think! muah! eva angelina
  7. if you are a member of twistys then you can vote every hour! its pretty cool!
  8. I decided that I was going to do a give away also to show my appreciation to all my fans for their constant love and support. If I win Twistys Treat of the Year I am going to choose one lucky winner for ONE YEARS membership to my website http://evaangelinaxxx.com (3) autographed posters and (5) autographed 8x10s and autographed magazine and (2) signed dvds where i just happened to get fucked in the ASS! Please vote and share the love!!! muah!!! Eva! go to http://vote4eva.com to sign up and vote every hour!
  9. i love entertaining people any way i can...so thank you!
  10. did you guys see my webcam show?!?
  11. hey guys! if you guys are members of twistys.com now you can vote every hour for me...pleeeeze do http://vote4eva.com
  12. check out this video a brazzers member posted on my thread... http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu...deoID=58019264 its fucking kick ass
  13. don't forget guys ill be on NA LIVE webcam tomorrow!!! not sure show hours but keep an eye out so you dont miss it!
  14. thank you guys...its moments like this that prove to me that i have made the right decisions no matter how much they may hurt at the time...i have no self doubt...thank you thank you thank you!
  15. i just got her 1st roll over caught on video...shes a happy baby just started giggling last night....if you guys would see her she is a true angel...i am so lucky to have her. and yes bigger and better thing have already come my way...no one needs to ever feel like they are stuck..ever thank you for understanding guys...i dont understand why some dont get it
  16. i would appreciate it christian if you could see that my post before the one you posted had not been taken to a terrible turn...it was me expressing to those who are being supportive in my decision to leave my husbands and i's situation. Not only did my family get torn in half that night but I lost my husband. Someone i wanted to devote my life to. But that was taken away from me with only one option in hand and that was to sacrifice my love for him for the love i have for my daughter. please respect the fact that i didnt want anything of this to happen. never...would i have thought this time last year i would be in this position... i love my daughter more than him and myself
  17. ..and dont make me post up pictures of the bruises he put on my legs when he did throw me against the furniture in our house by my throat...in front of our daughter
  18. i am obviously tired of hearing...."there's two sides to every story..." this is the truth... i quickly whipped this up to prove my point... http://web.me.com/evaangelina/Site/Blog/Blog.html
  19. I am actually very surprised he was able to even tell his side of his story considering how intoxicated he was that night. Obviously, his "side" is warped into an illusion and far from the truth. I'll show you the truth considering that i was the only sober one in that house besides my daughter.
  20. its not actually that easy...he still is allowed to stay in the country. He actually served me with divorce papers which is stupid on his part cause he needs me to get his perm. green card. with that said, we think he's going to try and remarry before his next ins interview so he can stay. which obviously, red flags him. so he's got a long road ahead of himself. not including trying to prove to the court system that he is more of a fit parent than i am when he has never spent more than sleeping hours with my daughter. just to think he is trying to fight for full custody of her is a joke he wouldn't even know what to do with her let alone himself. He doesn't even realize that life isn't even about himself anymore, its about her and because of that flaw, that's how we got into this mess. its all bullshit and very sad. i really do hope he finds peace in himself one day and realizes what a failure he has become...of course the day we left him behind was the day i promised my daughter that she will never be a witness to violence and that she comes first before anyone/anything on this planet. thanx guys for all your support...i really do love you all
  21. you've got jokes! hahaha
  22. hate to say it...but i have to... have you guys voted for me today...lol http://vote4eva.com