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  1. Random Fact: I have orgasm'd in all but three scenes
  2. Sure brendanconneely92 Random Fact: A typical shoot lasts between 7 & 10 hours!
  3. Brandi Love

    Dream Threesome Combos

    I like this thread! So lets see ..... Lets start with Johnny Sins + Me + Giovanni and then ....
  4. Last week I remember shooting some HOT scenes for Naughty America! Actually one of my favorite NA scenes to date!
  5. Brandi Love

    Dirty Wives Club

    I love the concept behind this site .. and have sent some ideas to " the powers" What are some story lines you would like to see?
  6. Oh.... I could share some random facts lol
  7. Brandi Love

    Naughty Weddings

    I agree darlin! Although I truly loathe the "Tubes" they are a great source of research ... check the ratings of good "bride" scenes ... always highly rated and lots of comments. Slut wives are ... unfortunately rare! But I know .. you all want them and the bridesmaids ... hell ... I want them too!
  8. Brandi Love

    Dirty Wives Club No Husbands

    Very interesting discussion! My 2c Hotwife & Cuckold = Husband knows. Cheating Wife = Husband does not know
  9. Well this is just unacceptable LOL! No posts in over a year.... shame on ...... ME! So how about this .... In this thread let's fire up "Ask Brandi" Ask me anything ( please be polite ) and I'll respond! XOXOXO
  10. Awe thanks Shadow and Tremelo! You guys are so good to me. Here is one more pic from Vegas (WITH makeup) LOL! Looks like TGF comes out tomorrow? OMG that was a hot and fun scene. Being an escort for the camera, hot in such a dirty girl way. Sexy ass fantasy fulfilled (check) ! xxx Brandi
  11. WOOHOO, as you can see by the update on the 26th I got the call *wink*, Man I love shooting for Naughty America. What did you guys think of the scene? I am super geeked about TGF scene I shot while out in LA too. I have wanted to shoot for the site since it came out. Maybe a round two my next visit? I will keep you guys posted! The AVN's were a blast this year. Because I was actually signing this year I got to meet so many of you, good lord I have been missing out. A few BTS pics for Vegas xxx Brandi
  12. Hi guys! Another Friday and man that makes me happy. I am not sure why I love Friday's so much because almost everyday of the week is a "work" day, but something about Friday gets me excited. I mean, I know why during football season… Friday means only a few hours until college ball! During the rest of the year I think it just feels great to have successfully completed another week:) I hope everyone is enjoying all the new exciting updates. Cam schedule is back in action and on tract and you will be able to see me on Humpday's at 10:30PM. I am thrilled to be healed and back in action. Down time can be very rejuvenating and all but I do not do down time well…..LOL! Exactly why I suppose I needed it. I am very much looking forward to many many years of good health going forward. No more strep throat in my future:) YEAH! I have an interesting question for those of you who are artistically inclined. I am working on a very unique project and I am sooooooo stumped. I am looking for an exceptionally awesome logo. A logo that can stand alone for branding. The kind of logo you would wear ion a shirt… just kick ass. Now here is the kicker: 1. audience is M/F and all ages 2. represents Eco-friendly , conservation, and endangered animals 3. pulls at the heart strings yet is hip and cool please email me with any ideas you may want to share:) : brandi@brandilove.com Grrrrrrrrrr this one is just killing me. I think I am over analyzing and or trying to put too much into it. Simple is good. I keep thinking "Nike Swoosh, Mac apple, WWF's Panda" but what I am coming up with lacks, well…. coolness and wow factor:( calling all who consider themselves cutting edge techie artists:) I'm just throwing it out there in case something one of you says or creates gets my "juices" flowing *wink* For those of you who follow my twitter ( Brandi_Love) college day football picks and have been asking me for them, I learned long ago not to bet or pick on the conference championships games or the Bowls with the exception of the National Championship. So until then…… my lips are sealed:) Enjoy your weekend xxx Brandi PS- As far as new scenes guys? Man I hope so.... I will be in LA Jan 10-15 and am hoping to get a call:) Let NA now if you'd like to see me! xoxoxoxox
  13. Another humpday! woo hoo. Just say it with me …. HUMPDAY. I swear it gets me charged up and ready to go, LOL! I slept my ass in this moor gin and I have to admit it felt great. I got going on cam last night: cams and couldn't seem to stop. I went to bed around 3am. The alarm went off at 7 and I thought I was going to barf. Thank God I was able to fall back asleep and get a few more hours. I feel awesome now and after some coffee and breakfast I will be off to the gym to get in a kick ass workout. Welcome all my new members. What an awesome week! I love having so many new friends to play with and get to know *wink*. I hope you will join me this evening at 10:30 PM for my members only camshow. I am still in the process of making that "smooth" transition from my one system to another but I will still be there tonight inside my site. Hope to catch you live! Have you guys seen my new RK scene? Yummy that was fun, and from the trailer you will see what I am talking about. Click the link to see the full version. I had more fun this past trip to LA than I can tell you yet. I am very fortunate to be part of a very new very exciting project for GFF. Love them, love my "role" more info to cum…… SO many amazing projects on my plate, I can hardly stand it (in the best way possible). As they come to fruition I will share all the juicy details! xxx Brandi PS- still dying to see my MFST with Bruce Venture.......not sure what the hold up is guys but I have a feeling you're going to like it:)
  14. Mrgiles.... So well stated and yes you are right about your last sentence. Of course they do. It is of my humble opinion that one of the main reasons "mainstream women" rage on us "adult performers" is for the very fact we literally have found the success and control they so desire but frankly will never have. It takes confidence, liberation and intelligence to make a career for oneself and many women in adult have done that. Instead of congratulating us, their jealousies and insecutiries take over and they (as they do so well) condemn. TY for the response babe, awesome! xxx Brandi
  15. hey love, there is a scene that has not been posted but I honestly do not know when it may come out. It was for MFST and I have to admit, it was one of the hottest scenes I have shot so far for NA.... but of course just my opinion. I look forward to your thoughts:) xxx Brandi
  16. Awe thanks Newbie...kisses! Latest blog rant:) Who Is Wearing The Panties? I have been meaning to write this blog for several months now so here it goes…. better late than never. I have a serious issue with recent ads. There are too may to count that offend me, and frankly should offend every red blooded American man. Call me traditional (i know imagine that) but this bullshit in ads, and for that matter modern TV sitcoms and such…. of portraying men as weak, dorky slobs that are not worth a damn other than for catering to every whim of their over bearing, demanding and pushy wives is nauseating! I find nothing interesting, comical or empowering about this type of advertising, marketing and TV/hollywood push. The question I want to ask is what kind of woman would want to be with such a guy? When I see these ads I want to barf…I sure as hell don't want to buy what they are selling. Is it just me or what? I happen to get a serious laugh out of "Family Guy." But even this show has Peter as the BIGGEST moron ever. There are so many other acts of intelligent humor going on in that show I can briefly over look it, but this is one of hundreds of examples. Why oh why is the weak male being glorified? This is a horrible thing for men in general and for the real women out there seeking sharp, strong, manly men. I know this is going to piss some people off and that's ok. If we all had the same opinion, just think how boring….but this is one thing I am tired of letting pass. Feminists killed the strong man. The kind of men I find so incredibly enticing. Strong of mind, rugged but romantic, hunter and gatherer who looks drop dead gorgeous in a business suit. Damn all you women demanding equality to the point of killing gender benefits. Equality as far as pay to skill = good. Don't get me wrong…. I love being a strong independent educated woman, but gosh darn it I love when a man holds the door open for me, compliments me on my outfit or carries groceries to my car. Men don't do that any more because of you bra burners screaming "we are capable and don't need you." That's crap! I want and need those men back. Thank God I married one and from time to time meet one. When I do meet one I tell him! I tell him how much I appreciate his kindness and that I am thankful his "type" is not totally extinct. Flip flops, raggedy t-shits and 3 day old hair is not turn on. Skipping school to chill at the mall or beach is not sexy. In between jobs ( for 3 years) and living in your parents basement is not ok and treating women like your buddies just plain sucks. Now don't get me wrong guys, I do not put all the blame on you. In my mind, the majority of this behavior is placed on how parents are raising their kids now a days and the fact that MTV has made boys think being a slob is cool and can lead you to reality TV stardom. And girls? Holy hell what a ton of bitches we are raising. Jersey Shore kids and Real Housewives should NOT be your role models. No wonder guys are giving up and or have stopped caring. There are soooooooo many cruel bitchy evil and conniving women out there that only a weak man with zero confidence could stand to be bossed around by them. Are we too far gone? I fear the pendulum has swung way out there and may be stuck never to return to some sort of balance. Again, Equality in the work force….I am all for, But why did the movement have to continue to a point of squashing what made men men and what made the joys of being a woman so awesome. There are fabulous benefits to men being men and women being women. We were made to compliment one another not act the freaking same! Ok I am done ranting but would love to know if any one else out there feels as I do or if I am alone with my thoughts on this one? xxx Brandi
  17. (quote from message board) Brandi darling, you are absolute perfection, no other performer has the same glint in the eye, the obvious enjoyment (unless you’re a really good actor – oscar?!), or swallows like you, please don’t stop, and any chance of you cumming over this side of the pond so we can see you in the flesh, London rocks! Keep up the good work beautiful, you will always be my absolute favourite. xx I am at a loss for words ( the above statement came to me via a message board)…..sometimes you guys say things to me that just… I don’t know what to say, other than thank you. You really get me. In an industry that has become very fake (not everyone but a massive quantity) unrealistic and daunting quite frankly….I have remained true to myself and only done scenes I wanted to, worked with people I wanted to, and brought all I could to every scene. I do enjoy sex, that IS why I work in the adult industry. It is not because I had to or need to….I choose to. Perhaps that is why you see the glimmer in my eye. I get into my costars and enjoy the chemistry we have in the moment. I not only enjoy the physical pleasure, but the few hours of mental and emotional connection I feel with my costars. It does not last (maybe that makes me more like a guy, LOL!) but it does not need to last be an amazing experience. I rarely hang out with other pornstars (I don’t live in LA) but while I am with them….I dig em’ and that makes the scenes real (at least for me) and my hope is it brings others joy, literally! I totally love the idea that I could have some small thing to do with bringing pleasure and a smile to someones day. Sex is a massive part of our happiness. When we get it or are having it ….we are happy. When are are not getting it we are not happy. That simple. Our society is so fucked up with the mixed messages on sex. We are born desiring pleasure. We grow up with sexual images all around us and then we hit “age†to be exploring our sexuality, we get blasted with a brick to the forehead “NO NO NO!!!!!†sex is bad, dirty! you whore, slut, pimp, hooker ect. I choose to live my life my way and my desire is to open people up to their true sexuality and not allow others to form it for them. No one can tell another what will make them happy. If you are not monogamous, don’t try to be…embrace it and find a mate who shares your philosophy. If you are confident in your sexuality, ignore na sayers. Who cares? it’s your body, your life, your one chance to enjoy this time on earth. I don’t know about you but I want to do it my way….not try and live up to someones elses “standards†of what I should be doing. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Your life, your rules now go enjoy it!!!! xxx Brandi ps- for a very limited time check out this SPECIAL!
  18. Well it's out guys!!!!!! what do you all think about MFHM? xxx Brandi
  19. Scenes have been shot and should be in front of your eyes in the next few weeks:) xxx Brandi
  20. I have been putting this entry, I know I need to write it but I have not had the energy nor the giddy up to just do it. Some topics come easily and flow naturally and others are just a struggle from start to finish. Some of you will completely agree with me and others of you will not…and most likely each side as passionate as the other. The reason I am writing this goes way beyond todays news topics. Casey Anthony. As I write the name my blood boils. I don't know her so to say anything about her personally would not be appropriate, however….. based on the few facts that the prosecutor managed to whisper out I can tell you I do not like her very much. There are forensic facts in this case that seem to be missing, lies covering lies making the truth difficult to find (beyond a shadow of a doubt), and the then there is the fact that this case, like so many modern day catastrophes….become little more than sick entertainment for the bored and lame brained society we have become. I know I know I am not trying to be a mean name caller but let me get through this before you send hate mail. My point is that we, as a collective whole, are getting off on this shit. We follow these cases like we used to follow real news like the stock market, international news, politics. Now? Reality TV and the like have made us stupid. No one seems to want to think, advance become better. Let's just watch some seriously screwed up people act a fool on national TV because that's …fun? I don't care who the next Bachelorette decides to fake marry or which housewife slept with her friends husbands. Why are we calling this entertainment? Why are these people making more money than Educators and Executives? Casey Anthony is a real and serious case. A baby girl is dead……murdered while supposed to be protected by her Mother. People are taking sides as if this was a fucking football game. As far as the trial goes, no one won. The innocent baby lost, the Anthony's have lost and Casey lost…period. Someone got away with murder and how do we handle it…book deals? porn movie gigs? reality TV? Yeah let's set this woman up with financial successes because that sends the right message. Guilty or not this is not someone our children, or ourselves should freaking be looking up to. I have to ask, where is the logic? On a flip side the woman is found innocent, right? Ok so how hypocritical is it to suggest she not be allowed to have more children? Face the consequences of the verdict people. She was found innocent there for she gets all her freedoms back. You can't find her innocent and then say "but you can't have any more kids?" WTF. That is the opposite of logic. Look, I don't want to see her having more babies, personal feeling, but I sure as hell wouldn't tell her she can't have more after being found innocent! Yikes I am getting jazzed up, sorry. In a nut shell, I wish ( thought do not see us coming back from this) people would wise up and choose to "celebatize" people more deserving of such. People making the word a better place, safer place, beautiful place….let's recognize and follow them, not the bottom feeders of society. OK, now I have to balance my nerves out….time to hit the gym. Peace all! xxx Brandi PS- new scenes on the way *wink* ( way to change the subject huh? LOL!)
  21. Shooting this week for you guys! I can not wait to see who they have in store for me *wink* xxx Brandi
  22. HAPPY FATHER"S DAY Father - male person who begets children ( dictionary version) That has to be the weakest and most hardened definitions I have ever read. Defining ones role as a man based in that above pathetic description would be great cause for concern for our society. There are those who fit the above perimeters but we are not here today to celebrate them. We are ere today to celebrate Dad's. Every child who has a Dad has their own definition of what that means. For some, Dad is the guy who makes them feel safe, who tucks them in at night and kisses your forehead as you fall asleep. For others Dad helps with homework and made sure you were prepared for college and that when the time came you could afford to go. He is the guy who taught you how to ride your bike, catch a fish, make a volcano that won at the science fair, took you to the movies, taught you right from wrong and was your loudest fan in the bleechers as you ran your race or threw the winning touchdown pass. And for those of us really really lucky souls Dad is one of your best friends. My Dad and I had our differences but at our core we were ridiculously similar. I am grateful for this because he was... READ MORE xxx Brandi
  23. Damn I like the way you think.....I am game xxx Brandi
  24. Well than you love, I hope to see you in some hot xxx movies soon! On that note, I will be shooting end of the month for you all *smirk* I am SURE the producers/ directors come in here to see what all your naughty sexy minds are thinking. SO what do you want to see? What have I not been shot for that you think I would be great in,.....not good. I am not interested in good, I want GREAT! *wink* xxx Brandi
  25. Ok you guys....you have been sleepers! LOL! I have had a few scenes come out with very few comments? I love your feed back and the opportunities I have had have been with new and unique talent ( to me) and I have to admit I thought were some of my better scenes *wink* I hope you all keep requesting me because I hae a feeling I am just hitting my prime and what a shame not to share, LOL! My site is growing leaps ad bounds with new vids and pics through out the week and I am very excited to be heading to LA again end of the month to shoot for ....ummm...well you know who:) xxx Brandi