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  1. Random Fact: I have orgasm'd in all but three scenes
  2. Sure brendanconneely92 Random Fact: A typical shoot lasts between 7 & 10 hours!
  3. Dream Threesome Combos

    I like this thread! So lets see ..... Lets start with Johnny Sins + Me + Giovanni and then ....
  4. Last week I remember shooting some HOT scenes for Naughty America! Actually one of my favorite NA scenes to date!
  5. Dirty Wives Club

    I love the concept behind this site .. and have sent some ideas to " the powers" What are some story lines you would like to see?
  6. Oh.... I could share some random facts lol
  7. Naughty Weddings

    I agree darlin! Although I truly loathe the "Tubes" they are a great source of research ... check the ratings of good "bride" scenes ... always highly rated and lots of comments. Slut wives are ... unfortunately rare! But I know .. you all want them and the bridesmaids ... hell ... I want them too!
  8. Dirty Wives Club No Husbands

    Very interesting discussion! My 2c Hotwife & Cuckold = Husband knows. Cheating Wife = Husband does not know
  9. Well this is just unacceptable LOL! No posts in over a year.... shame on ...... ME! So how about this .... In this thread let's fire up "Ask Brandi" Ask me anything ( please be polite ) and I'll respond! XOXOXO
  10. Awe thanks Shadow and Tremelo! You guys are so good to me. Here is one more pic from Vegas (WITH makeup) LOL! Looks like TGF comes out tomorrow? OMG that was a hot and fun scene. Being an escort for the camera, hot in such a dirty girl way. Sexy ass fantasy fulfilled (check) ! xxx Brandi
  11. WOOHOO, as you can see by the update on the 26th I got the call *wink*, Man I love shooting for Naughty America. What did you guys think of the scene? I am super geeked about TGF scene I shot while out in LA too. I have wanted to shoot for the site since it came out. Maybe a round two my next visit? I will keep you guys posted! The AVN's were a blast this year. Because I was actually signing this year I got to meet so many of you, good lord I have been missing out. A few BTS pics for Vegas xxx Brandi
  12. Hi guys! Another Friday and man that makes me happy. I am not sure why I love Friday's so much because almost everyday of the week is a "work" day, but something about Friday gets me excited. I mean, I know why during football season… Friday means only a few hours until college ball! During the rest of the year I think it just feels great to have successfully completed another week:) I hope everyone is enjoying all the new exciting updates. Cam schedule is back in action and on tract and you will be able to see me on Humpday's at 10:30PM. I am thrilled to be healed and back in action. Down time can be very rejuvenating and all but I do not do down time well…..LOL! Exactly why I suppose I needed it. I am very much looking forward to many many years of good health going forward. No more strep throat in my future:) YEAH! I have an interesting question for those of you who are artistically inclined. I am working on a very unique project and I am sooooooo stumped. I am looking for an exceptionally awesome logo. A logo that can stand alone for branding. The kind of logo you would wear ion a shirt… just kick ass. Now here is the kicker: 1. audience is M/F and all ages 2. represents Eco-friendly , conservation, and endangered animals 3. pulls at the heart strings yet is hip and cool please email me with any ideas you may want to share:) : brandi@brandilove.com Grrrrrrrrrr this one is just killing me. I think I am over analyzing and or trying to put too much into it. Simple is good. I keep thinking "Nike Swoosh, Mac apple, WWF's Panda" but what I am coming up with lacks, well…. coolness and wow factor:( calling all who consider themselves cutting edge techie artists:) I'm just throwing it out there in case something one of you says or creates gets my "juices" flowing *wink* For those of you who follow my twitter ( Brandi_Love) college day football picks and have been asking me for them, I learned long ago not to bet or pick on the conference championships games or the Bowls with the exception of the National Championship. So until then…… my lips are sealed:) Enjoy your weekend xxx Brandi PS- As far as new scenes guys? Man I hope so.... I will be in LA Jan 10-15 and am hoping to get a call:) Let NA now if you'd like to see me! xoxoxoxox
  13. Another humpday! woo hoo. Just say it with me …. HUMPDAY. I swear it gets me charged up and ready to go, LOL! I slept my ass in this moor gin and I have to admit it felt great. I got going on cam last night: cams and couldn't seem to stop. I went to bed around 3am. The alarm went off at 7 and I thought I was going to barf. Thank God I was able to fall back asleep and get a few more hours. I feel awesome now and after some coffee and breakfast I will be off to the gym to get in a kick ass workout. Welcome all my new members. What an awesome week! I love having so many new friends to play with and get to know *wink*. I hope you will join me this evening at 10:30 PM for my members only camshow. I am still in the process of making that "smooth" transition from my one system to another but I will still be there tonight inside my site. Hope to catch you live! Have you guys seen my new RK scene? Yummy that was fun, and from the trailer you will see what I am talking about. Click the link to see the full version. I had more fun this past trip to LA than I can tell you yet. I am very fortunate to be part of a very new very exciting project for GFF. Love them, love my "role" more info to cum…… SO many amazing projects on my plate, I can hardly stand it (in the best way possible). As they come to fruition I will share all the juicy details! xxx Brandi PS- still dying to see my MFST with Bruce Venture.......not sure what the hold up is guys but I have a feeling you're going to like it:)
  14. Mrgiles.... So well stated and yes you are right about your last sentence. Of course they do. It is of my humble opinion that one of the main reasons "mainstream women" rage on us "adult performers" is for the very fact we literally have found the success and control they so desire but frankly will never have. It takes confidence, liberation and intelligence to make a career for oneself and many women in adult have done that. Instead of congratulating us, their jealousies and insecutiries take over and they (as they do so well) condemn. TY for the response babe, awesome! xxx Brandi
  15. hey love, there is a scene that has not been posted but I honestly do not know when it may come out. It was for MFST and I have to admit, it was one of the hottest scenes I have shot so far for NA.... but of course just my opinion. I look forward to your thoughts:) xxx Brandi