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  1. JimmyJam

    Guess Who I am on set with!!!!

    Great job Christian! Any Brandi at all is heavenly as hell!!!
  2. JimmyJam

    Bree Olson

    Naughty Canada's already posted 2 new scenes of her so it's time for Naughty America to get on the stick here & bring back one of our all time favorite Naughty Bookworms!
  3. JimmyJam

    Nikki Sexx

    Absolutely! NA needs to do more anal and not with the usual suspects either. A Nikki Sexx anal scene would be a fantastic start!
  4. JimmyJam

    Sarah Vandella

    Well, NA finally got off their ass and got Sindee Jennings back and have managed to get Tori Black for a few scenes despite how busy she is. So NA should be on the ball for shooting Sarah again! I love all her NA scenes and she's already shot for Naughty Canada so it's only a matter of time now.
  5. JimmyJam

    Scene of the Week: Dec 26 - Jan 1

    The return of Sindee Jennings (FINALLY -- only took 2 years) was the highlight for me by far! Carolyn Reese, Emma Starr, Michelle Lay, and Darla Crane were my other favorites for the week.
  6. So where do you guys think Jim Harbaugh is going to end up? Denver? Oakland? San Francisco? Miami? Carolina? Stay at Stanford? I hear San Diego is thinking of changing their minds and canning Turner so they can have a shot at Harbaugh. I'd love it if he stayed at the college ranks and coached Michigan but he's seeing dollar signs and the chance to compete against his brother at the pro level so I think he's going to go there. The question is why and where? Why would he forsake immortality at the college level where coaches still run the show and if they win they become legends, to coach in a pro league that is run by the star players and where nobody's going to listen to your "the team, the team, the team" bullshit in the locker room? All I have to say to him is be careful or he'll get fired like Singletary did or end up in a Jeff Fisher/Vince Young type situation.
  7. I'd love to see you in a scene with Abbey Brooks or Krissy Lynn or another big busted sexy blonde who always delivers the goods like you do!
  8. Why the hell is it so quiet? I remember when this thread was always at or near the top of this topic. Wtf guys? You're slacking.lol j/k So what's everybody been up to for the past, oh, what...10 months since my last post? I'm sorry it took me so long but I was on the phone. You understand right?lol BRANDI?...Come out to play-ay!!!
  9. I am not a fan of NA Live. I have nothing against the performer or the themes or anything so much as the cluster fuck that is the message board on the live shows. Any comments or questions that you type disappears almost instantly because everyone else is asking questions and making comments at the same time. There's also the people who repeatedly ask, even after the question has been answered, if the girl does anal. They're like those birds in Finding Nemo that just keep saying "Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!" Yap yap yap. Then when the girl is masturbating (even if her back is turned) there's always those people who demand that she moan their names and say how big their cocks are, and when she doesn't respond right away the caps lock comes on and they demand again. SHE CAN'T SEE THE FUCKING SCREEN MORONS! Even if she were facing it, her eyes are usually closed because she's enjoying masturbating. I loved when Tori Black told everybody to shut up while she was diddling herself that one time. Maybe you guys can disable the comments while the girl is enjoying herself until she's done. Either way, NA Live just isn't for me. It's too frustrating more than anything especially if you read what a lot of people are saying to the performer. Aside from that, shoot more lesbian scenes & a new Sindee Jennings scene & then you're picture perfect!
  10. JimmyJam

    Sindee Jennings

    I am getting so sick of only seeing Sindee on live. I feel like we're being thrown some kind of generic bone as if it's supposed to keep up quiet or something. I don't watch the live shows. It's a cluster fuck. There's no point in typing anything because as soon as you type a question or a compliment you watch your comment post and then disappear because 55 other people have also typed in their questions and comments simultaneously and half of them ask if the girl does anal. If I ever watch Live it's to see a girl like Sindee because she's fun and she's obviously having fun. But I don't participate. I just enjoy the show. But I'm so tired of this shit. Film her in a scene already. If you can book her for a full day of masturbating in 3 hour long cam shows then you can film her for a few hours for a 30 minute scene. For the love of God. GET ON IT DAMNIT!
  11. There goes Brandi showing off that million dollar backside again! I got a really really really really really really nice up close look at it in person and as good as the pics are, they don't do her or her body justice. She is THAT much HOTTER in person!!!
  12. I loved the Davy Crockett saga of the 50s. I still watch them from time to time. My step-dad had copies of all of them and we watched each flick until the tapes was warped. I didn't see the Daniel Boone series until years later when the Disney Channel stopped being a premium channel and became free. I remember watching that and Swamp Fox featuring Leslie Nielson with my dad. He thought it was really cool that I was interested and liked shows that he watched as a kid. Fess, to this day, still played the best Davy Crockett out of anyone I've ever seen. And Buddy Ebsen R.I.P. as George E. Russell were a great team in those specials.
  13. NA can simply do what Hustler and other people do and turn the mom into a step mother to avoid any uncomfortability. But I agree, never gonna happen.
  14. NA does not need to devote an entire site to just lesbian fantasies for the last time. They can easily throw a lesbian scene in with almost all of their other sites except for I Have A Wife & My Wife's Hot Friend. There is no need to dilute lesbian content with it's own site when you could just as easily make a MFST, MFHM, MSHF, NBW, ADD, NA, etc. Yeah, I'd like to see more lesbian scenes on NA too (it's been almost 6 months since the Sunny Leone/Jesse Capelli scene) but NA does not need it's own lesbian site. Yeah, ZZ has it's own lesbian site but only 1 scene out of 3 or 4 are any good. And as far as recruiting the Viv Thomas or the Girlfriends Films bunch, unless you want your lesbian scenes to last for 50 minutes and feature 20 minutes of just making out, I think NA can do it better. No disrespect to GF Films or Viv but this is internet porn not a 3 hour movie that has 4 sex scenes in it.
  15. JimmyJam

    Sindee Jennings

    They've had her on Live like 10 times since her last scene was posted. Enough of this shit. They brought back Jaelyn Fox and Ava Devine. Why not Sindee? WTF? It's been 13 months dammit. GET ON IT NA! Come on!