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  1. I have noticed a significant change in NA membership pricing over the last few months. It used to be you could find 30 day membership specials as low as $7.50 and easily find $9.95. Now the best I see on a daily basis is $17.50 and a few times $12.50. (It will be interesting to see if this gets me in trouble)
  2. techman

    Membership Pricing

    What he said!!!!
  3. techman

    Who is cancelling their membership?

    You can cancel. They will probably say no at first but eventually they will refund your money.
  4. What he said!!!
  5. techman

    What the hell happened?

    Call and demand a refund. They will refuse at first but if you stand your ground the will issue a refund.
  6. techman

    Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!

    I agree!!!
  7. techman

    This is a business model?!

    Contact your credit card company and challenge the charge!!! There is no question NA has been using "bait and switch " tactics!
  8. techman

    What the hell happened?

    Well said. I think NA now means NOT ANYMORE!!
  9. techman

    Who is cancelling their membership?

    I cancelled at the end of April.
  10. Totally agree!!!!
  11. techman

    New releases blocked?

    Naughty America the "bait and switch " company!!!!!
  12. techman

    MFHM x3, Sneak Peek!

    30 day memberships for almost every site that cmp30 mentioned can be bought for. $9.95!!!!!!!
  13. techman

    Membership Pricing

    Way to go NA!!!! Your reputation is now in the toilet.
  14. techman

    MFHM x3, Sneak Peek!

    Totally true!!
  15. techman

    MFHM x3, Sneak Peek!

    Bullshit!!!!! Probably one of the absolute worst values in porn. You have definitely made chicken shit out of chicken salad!!!
  16. techman

    New Member - Content Availability

    There's an old saying ....."You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit". What Naughty America has done is ....."They made chicken shit out of chicken salad "!!
  17. techman

    New Member - Content Availability

    It would take a company that wanted to be honest with it's members to consider your suggestions. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Naughty America is no longer an honest company. They have chosen the path of bait and switch to get people to join and THEN find out they don't get what they thought they paid for.
  18. techman

    anyone Else lose more content

    It's a classic case of bait and switch.
  19. techman

    April 2nd changes to Naughty America

    What if you signed up March 18?
  20. techman

    Ariel Grace

    Please shoot her!
  21. techman

    Nicolette Love

    Yes please.
  22. techman

    Foot fetish

    Totally agree.
  23. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/love-sex/porn-film-us-actor-hiv-virus-stopped-sti-free-speech-coaltion-chanel-preston-apac-a7686841.html
  24. That brings up an interesting question. How long should an external hard drive last? Over the years I have lost 2 and all the info on them.
  25. techman

    Arielle Faye

    Yes please!