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  1. Johnnie

    Why remove the comming soon page?

    I have 2 thoughts on this. First, I didn't really expect it would last long, since typing a simple list once a week proved to be too much to accomplish on a regular basis after a fairly long time of it being available far more often than not. Getting pictures and a one sentence description uploaded for some of the upcoming scenes in a timely fashion seemed too much to expect. Second, I imagine it's possible that scenes are not ready far enough ahead of time for them to say "this scene will go live on this date". Just my 2 cents.
  2. Johnnie

    Whos this pornstar

    Nicole Aniston
  3. Johnnie

    Who is cancelling their membership?

    Not that we'll ever find out, but I wonder if NA is getting any complaints from the payment processors about what appears to be a lot of immediate cancellations.
  4. Johnnie

    Milf Thread

    Ava Addams https://twitter.com/avaaddams Brianna Banks https://twitter.com/brianabanksxxxx Kendra Lust https://twitter.com/kendralust Silvia Saige https://twitter.com/silviasaigexxx Nina Elle https://twitter.com/ninaellexoxo Katie Morgan https://twitter.com/thekatiemorgan Makayla Cox https://twitter.com/missmakaylacox I'm sure I could come up with a lot more. All I care about are 2d scenes, my position on VR is well established.
  5. My two cents, looks like the staff stopped engaging when it became apparent vague answers weren't sufficient for some of the direct questions being posed.
  6. I would say the best way to get the word out would be to take the steps needed to leave reviews on every site you can find. Just make it clear that all new members only have access to a small percentage of the catalog of scenes with a basic membership, any further access will cost more.
  7. Johnnie


    It appears as though this Coming Soon page's usefulness is going to be short lived. They're removing scenes as they go live, but no new scenes have been added since it was brought to my attention.
  8. I'm not a VR user at all, but I wouldn't give them any ideas. Seems like they're open to any idea for their next money grabbing scam.
  9. Johnnie

    MFHM x3, Sneak Peek!

    Well, I suppose you had to include something in the base membership. From what I'm reading there's not much else left that doesn't cost extra. And, in my opinion anyway, the claims that members weren't having anything "taken away" from them are a steaming pile of excrement. Not so long ago a member(myself included) with an existing subscription would have access to 10 new Non VR scenes a week. This past week that same member(again, myself included) would have had access to 5 new Non VR scenes. So exactly how does one spin the fact that I had access to half the number of new scenes this past week compared to the number of new scenes I had access to the week of October 30, 2017 through November 5, 2017 (roughly 6 months ago) as anything but a loss of available content, in other words "taken away"? This is just me saying this, but whoever is behind the posts for the account named "Naughty America" no longer has any credibility.
  10. Johnnie


    Just my two cents, but the Updates are likely not going to happen any more. In looking at the past few months I'm seeing some of the more popular performers doing only VR scenes and new and lesser known performers doing the standard scenes. They probably don't want to telegraph that they don't appear to be interested in offering the more popular talent for the non VR customers. I didn't dig too far into the numbers, just the way it looks to me.
  11. Johnnie


    I've tried multiple VR headsets, all resulted in a raging headache within a few minutes. So, short of some sort of video viewer (tried the GoPro VR viewer, not all that different from what would show up playing it on the WMV player) that can convert the picture to something closer to a standard video, VR scenes are really of no interest to me. I would say my days as a member are numbered if there are continued reductions in standard scenes in favor of more VR scenes unless there is an option for "Legacy Members" like me to trade access to VR scenes for access to Tonight's Girlfriend, etc., which I would imagine is highly unlikely.
  12. Johnnie

    April 2nd changes to Naughty America

    You're still not answering the question. It's quite clear that what people want to know is what they will have access to AFTER April 2nd without any further charges. Continuing to state that we are not having any content taken away from us could simply mean that anything released up to and including April 1st will remain available without further charges, but anything released Monday and after will only be available as an additional purchase. So I will ask this way, as long as I maintain my current membership without interruption and without purchasing additional channels, will ALL the future scenes released on the sites I have access to right now continue to be available to me at no additional charge?
  13. Johnnie

    April 2nd changes to Naughty America

    Since you seem intent on being deliberately vague I'm going to ask a direct question the requires a direct answer. Without making ANY changes at all to my current subscription, what scenes will I be able to download on April 11th (two weeks from today) AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE?
  14. Johnnie

    Website/Video/file issues

    I do that religiously every day at start up. Also, had the exact same issue with the Dani Woodward remaster. In addition, a legacy download option worked fine, just couldn't download my preferred version.
  15. Johnnie

    Website/Video/file issues

    Multiple failed attempts to download today's Raven Hart scene. Primary download fails early in the process, no attempt has gotten to 30 MB. Alt 1 fails immediately every time.