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  1. Alena Croft

    A quick search before starting this new topic about her would have led you to the original one: where there was much discussion about her long standing refusal to shoot for NA and the issues that followed after she finally did. I wouldn't be surprised if there's still some bad feelings somewhere in this situation. Just my 2 cents, but she comes across as quick to put the blame someplace and won't own up to it if she has misplaced that blame. As I've said before, she's hot and I'd like to see more of her work here, but I also understand there's the possibility that one of the sides of the situation that would be necessary to future scenes to occur could have a legitimate reason for not going forward with scheduling said work. In short, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a new scene. Not saying it won't happen, just won't be surprised if it doesn't.
  2. Website/Video/file issues

    The HD 480p version of today's Aubrey Sinclair video keeps failing with a Needs Authorization message.

    I was wondering if anyone would mention that and the other two scenes planned for this week that apparently got replaced in the schedule. Neither of the scenes I expected on Tuesday were released. I like Jillian Janson but given the either/or choice between hers or the Megan Rain scene that was released I'd likely go with Megan. On the other hand, given the same choice between the Jayden Jaymes remaster originally planned and the Courtney Cummz scene that was released I would have prefered Jayden's scene. I'm not really bothered by it, but the eventual posts asking when those two scenes will be released will become cumbersome. Well, maybe not cumbersome. Long time participants can surely recall some members incessantly asking about scenes that were pulled from the schedule or that they'd read somewhere online the scene had been shot for NA and not yet released.
  4. Foot fetish

    What they said....
  5. New site format

    Just my 2 cents, I'm not crazy about it either. In the grand scheme of things "one extra click and a little bit of scrolling" isn't a big deal, but when you're claiming something is better and it actually takes more steps to get to the same place than it did before, is it really better, or just different? Also, and again, my 2 cents, it looks incomplete. Not saying anything is missing, just looks like it's not done yet. I'm sure I'll adjust, but what navigating I've done feels like it's more work than before.
  6. Forum update

    I just noticed, no more signatures.
  7. Well...since his fame was derived from being a virgin, maybe just add "now former virgin"? Or "He finally got some"?
  8. RIP Gregg Allmann. Your music holds a significant place in the soundtrack of my life.
  9. Fantasies and story lines

    For me, I guess it depends on the context of the scene. If it's meant to be a "quickie" where no one's clothes actually come all the way off I suppose it fits. If that's all she has on in order to appeal to folks with a foot/hosiery/sneaker fetish, I guess that works to a point, too. For a scene like that I'd expect a foot job to come into play, and I doubt there's a lot of male talent out there willing to submit to foot play while she's still wearing her Chuck's. I imagine for some scenes it would be for practicality. I doubt anyone would be happy about being barefoot on anything but grass in LA, Miami or Vegas in July. To me, I guess if it makes sense for the scene it looks good, if it doesn't? Well, we all know there are plenty of fetishes out there that people don't get. I bet you could post a video on Pornhub of Sister Mary Shovelface in a full Habit reading insurance policies and there will be at least one guy whippin' his skippy and giving you a thumbs up. Whatever you shoot, somebody's gonna like it.
  10. Kate Linn

    With her Twitter being gone, no one mentioning further appearances on other sites since her scene here and two forum members who are trusted sources of industry info having not weighed in, I'd say it's likely she's exited the industry. Too bad, I wanted to see more of her as well.
  11. Can they please Bring MWMP Back?

    For a time it seemed there was a fairly consistent pattern for MWMP in that there were three scenes with each performer with one scene IR and another BBG, I would speculate that if they are trying to continue with this pattern it could be leading to scheduling challenges. I know they're not locked in to maintaining that pattern, but I would still imagine they'd try to at least do multiple scenes with the same performer which I would think still would lead to scheduling challenges. For the most part I enjoyed the scenes on the site. If I passed on a scene it was more likely the talent in general didn't appeal to me and not the scene itself. Aristotle might have a better handle on how the site performs as far as ratings and traffic goes so he may have more insight as to why they may not be dedicating more time to that site.
  12. Holly Michaels

    She still shows up on MFC occasionally, so she's not totally out of the industry.
  13. http://www.spin.com/2017/03/chuck-berry-dead/ Not much else to say, except that 2017 is getting off to a shitty start.
  14. UPDATES!

    I don't recall her exact wording, but at one point she said she was retiring, then, the way I understood it anyway, was that she wasn't retiring but would be shooting less often. Now, from what I can surmise, that's been the case for the most part. I guess maybe ask her outright on her twitter and see if she answers.
  15. UPDATES!

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who was disappointed when the Marica Hase scene I was expecting to go live yesterday never got released. I'm just surprised there isn't more noise about it. I know Aristotle mentioned it the other day, but there's usually more noise when things like that happen, especially when the end result is a reduction in the number of scenes released. My response when it happened in the past was usually "Oh well, shit happens. They'll make it up to us one way or another". Now it's more along the lines of "Hmm, is this a way of finding out if the standard 2D customers will tolerate a further reduction in service?"