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  1. Jesus...I don't know why Ynot has a bug up his ass about me.   Have you ever seen me start shit with him?

    1. baxter83


      i did see yea, spinach has started on me again

    2. Milffan


      Aristotle is the only mod on here who follows the traditional role of a forum moderator.  He is the only civil one here.  He discusses not bullies or insults people.  On rare occasions he might take a slight shot at someone but for the most part he is fair and "moderate".  I wonder why those other two guys are tolerated? 

      Aristotle told me basically not to take it personally.....he says the other two are holdovers from a time when mods and member took jibes at each other basically in a "guys will be guys" fashion and nothing is meant by it.   That may be true.....but I was brought up with manners and these guy are taking advantage of the anonymity provided by social media to be jerks.  I bet they wouldn't be the same way in public.....well....then again....maybe they would.


    3. baxter83


      same here, they are probably regularly shit on in real life so feel powerful on here