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  1. Milffan

    Membership question

    Your best bet is to e-mail Lauren to find out if you're gonna be grandfathered into the old plan or if you're going to be put in to the new scheme....if you're not going to to be grandfathered into the old plan....don't know if I would renew.
  2. Milffan


    its like they're copying the format in Tonight's Girlfriend in regular scenes now. I really don't care for it.
  3. Something about her facial bone structure is complimented by her brunette hair. When she went blonde.....all of a sudden she went BLAND
  4. Milffan


    Yelling? Who's yelling?
  5. Safe marriage for her.....she will never experience the beatings and torture this guy put on Chisty and other women. How a woman want to marry this POS is beyond me but there's no accounting for taste. Oh yeah ....she's a blonde so that may explain a lot.
  6. A-fucking-men. She was hot looking as a brunette . I don't even fucking recognize her as a blonde.....she looks so MEH as a blonde and the same goes for Mercedes.
  7. What is going on with the hair color change. Recently I have noticed 3 veteran brunette stars changing over to Blonde. Mercedes Carrera, India Summer, and Dava Vespoli. Don't get me wrong. I love blondes but that seems to be the predominant hair color in Porn and the 3 performers I mentioned stood out because they were Brunettes. Now they each one is "just another blonde".
  8. Milffan


    I think Aristotle said that is doing more behind the camera work now a days. And speaking of Aristotlealexander......it looks like he has stopped posting.
  9. Milffan

    Why remove the comming soon page?

    I don't think you saw an earlier comment....the original poster was referring to a link in the menu of the main site. It was being updated for about 4 weeks on a some what regular basis. I know because I checked it 2/3 a week. As scenes were release a few new ones would appear in the section.
  10. Milffan


    yeah....it so fucking stupid.....waste about 5-6 min of video watching them get dressed.
  11. Milffan

    Milf Thread

    So don't you think it was a hot scene .... 1) Alura played contrary to her normal dominant self. 20 Wasn't it hot to have the student as the Seducer instead of the Seducee? Not saying every MFST or MFHM has to be with an aggressive male....but every once in awhile ....3 or 4 scenes a year would be nice.
  12. Milffan

    Milf Thread

    By the way.....is it just me or does Dee Williams with her hair do remind you of Florence Henderson (from the Brady Bunch ....1970's sit com). She is the "Mrs Brady" of porn
  13. Milffan

    Milf Thread

    That's fine....but an occasional departure from that formula is welcome. One of my favorite MFST starred Alura Jenson playing contrary to her normal dominant self. https://members.naughtyamerica.com/scene/alura-jenson-19725? In this scene, Alura, as the teacher is seduced by the student. It was very hot to see her give in to the student played by Chad White. Watch it....and tell us what you think.
  14. Milffan

    Website/Video/file issues

    why is there no streaming video for today's Brooklyn Chase scene?
  15. Milffan

    Milf Thread

    Totally agree with you about there needs to be more scenes where the guy is is the aggressor. Not only in MFST but in MFHM too.