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  1. Milffan

    So Andreas.

    Only people happy are Andreas and his accountants. But I have a feeling that is going to change because if there isn't some sort of change in the current system, I don't foresee a lot of re-newals happening in the next 6-12 months.
  2. Milffan

    New Member - Content Availability

    That's pretty much what it was like around here up until about 6 or 7 weeks ago. I don't know what possessed them to go to the current pricing model, but I have a feeling that it is going to come back and bite them in the ass. They have a created a terrible pricing model and a PR nightmare
  3. Milffan

    Membership Pricing

    I am well....but I'm not sure my heart can handle the shock of you and I agreeing on something.
  4. Very well stated.
  5. Milffan

    Membership Pricing

    The point is under the old framework....with your yearly membership 1) you got to SEE ALL the Library for the entire year and download at a leisurely pace. But now you have to make sure you download within the 30 days a new video comes out or you won't be able to stream or view it AGAIN without paying for an extra channel. 2) This is not made clear in the sign up page 3) Under the new framework ....you have to pay a shit load of extra fees. 4) long time members who's yearly membership began under the old UNLIMITED access plan but expired now in the NEW framework ..if they pay for a new year membership.....they're not going to get the same UNLIMITED Access and if they want the same level of access....will in theory have to pay about $1500 in additional membership upgrades 5) This very restrictive and expensive new pricing system is what have people up in arms 6) The simple UNLIMITED access plan was what MOST long time members were used to and happy with. 7) If this plan was losing money for you....I think most of your loyal yearly members would have been willing to pay $10, $11, or $12 a month for yearly a membership i.e $120, $132, or $144 for a year membership with UNLIMITED access (it still would have been a great value compared to paying $30/monthly for an entire year of unlimited access. 8) By putting a 30 day limit to how a long a person has complete access to a scene before it gets moved to a channel....you're taking the fun out of being a member 9) The reputation of the site is being affected by the perception that this is a scam. Long time past members are taking to posting their disaffection on outside porn review sites and other forums. When you add the New members who are not happy with the framework and think they are getting the short end of the stick, you have the makings of a PR nightmare.
  6. Milffan

    Membership Pricing

    And it isn't looking good.....as the word has spread outside of NA Forum https://www.rabbitsreviews.com/s5962/Naughty-America.html
  7. Milffan

    MFHM x3, Sneak Peek!

    I wonder how and if Andreas (Naughty Administrator) will rebut this?
  8. Milffan

    MFHM x3, Sneak Peek!

    NOT when you consider that 1) the yearly membership USED to give you absolutely 100% access to the Entire LIBRARY for the entire year no time limits what so ever and 2) now if you want 100% access you have to pay through the nose for channels and will have to pay almost $1500 in additional fees. You are basically pissing on our pant legs and telling us it is raining.
  9. Milffan


    I am tempted to post a profanity heavy comment but it wont do any good......highly disappointed.ed. Yesterday, there was a remastered scene and a VR scene posted. Ok fine. Today. Another VR scene. I am not a VR fan. So this annual membership paying long time member in good standing got NOTHING....ZIPPO.....ZILCH today or yesterday. As many others have observed....you are doing your best to ALIENATE long time loyal members. Andreas implied that great things were coming and to hang in there. I month into a new yearly membership and I am still waiting to see something that wows me. So far I am not seeing it.
  10. This is what is going on https://www.naughtyamerica.com/update-to-naughty-america-membership
  11. Milffan

    anyone Else lose more content

    This is what is going on.....and yes ....it is ridiculous. https://www.naughtyamerica.com/update-to-naughty-america-membership
  12. Milffan

    Content availability

    Refer to this. Still a little bit unclear https://www.naughtyamerica.com/update-to-naughty-america-membership
  13. Milffan

    April 2nd changes to Naughty America

    the following post from a different thread illustrates the point I was making about the site becoming very expensive Ok, had subscription that I had to cancel a year ago now (loved the site). I just resubscribed to naughtyamerica.com and I’m kind of confused as to what has happened. The subscription I had for years included unlimited site access which obviously included all those spin off sites. I just resubscribed to naughtyamerica but now anytime I click on a vast majority of scenes I keep being prompted to pay for channels. Fees that are pretty close to being just as expensive as my naughtyamerica.com subscription and in some cases even more expensive. So, now I have to pay large chunks of money for content that WAS free/included to me? Am I missing something here? "
  14. Milffan


    Looks like Andreas is backing up just a bit.
  15. Milffan


    great.....a bit of a Finger to us Regular membership folks. Both of today's releases are in locked channels. I know...I know....."but you have all the other releases to watch". Its the principal of the thing. They could have given the regular folk one new release today. I'm becoming more and more disenchanted with NA as the weeks go by.