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  1. http://people.com/politics/stormy-daniels-passed-lie-detector-alleged-trump-affair/
  2. Looking at this picture of Stormy Daniels....is it just me or has she let herself go to pot? https://www.aol.com/article/news/2018/03/20/stormy-da
  3. Channels? WTF is this all about

    Hi. Re updates.....Is Nicole still with you guys. She was diligent about updates until about 4 weeks ago. Has a decision been made to not post updates in the forum because you want members to be surprised .....pleasantly or otherwise?
  4. Pegging

    On the other hand....Andreas could simply be trolling.
  5. Hey Aristotle.......refresh my memory.   Is the NA forum administrator known as Naughty America non other than the long silent Andreas?

  6. Pegging

    I thought there was a separate web site for the gay material. (Suite 703) If it still exists....I have no problem with posting gay scenes on Naughty America.....but to be fair.....you would have to post straight scenes in Suite 703. Somehow.....I don't think that would go well.
  7. Pegging

    I wonder who the hell is running the show now. Somehow "pegging" doesn't sound like something Andreas would have come up with. I don't think this is Lauren's idea either. Somehow ....some way .....the Inmates have taken over the show.
  8. Pegging

  9. Channels? WTF is this all about

    I am fucked then....I let my year membership expire and it automatically went to the recurring monthly membership. I was going to cancel the monthly recurring membership then upon it expiring I was going to re-up for the yearly membership. Wish they would come out and explain this ahead of time ....I would have renewed my yearly subscription before it expired. Way to go NA....Way to Go
  10. UPDATES!

    Then, I guess the company has decided not to post the updates list any more.
  11. UPDATES!

    I wonder if Nicole still has a job with NA or the decision was made to no longer give the heads up on upcoming scenes.
  12. UPDATES!

    Someone keeps on mentioning "Borat "....is that a shot at Andreas?. I remember how Andreas used to be very visible in the old days of Live with Lauren.....then he disappeared. I thought maybe he sold his interest in the Co. Too bad. Bill is kind of a modern day version of Buck Adams......the late brother of Amber Lynn. He was a reliable performer in the 80's and 90s
  13. UPDATES!

    I'm surprised they don't use Bill Bailey any more. There was a time when it seems if it wasn't Johnny Castle being used, it was Bill Bailey. He must have pissed some one off big time. If either Shelblack or Aristotle know anything ...please share.
  14. Pegging

    I doubt if it will happen any time soon. NA is a very Vanilla porn company. They don't go for anything out of the ordinary. Which is fine by me.
  15. Channels? WTF is this all about

    If you purchase the yearly subscription will you have access to these channels? Or will they be handled like the other premium sites meaning you will have to pay for each individual channels? It still isn't clear in the info released to date?