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    Tonight’s Girlfriend Access

    He's not talking about the links to Tonight's Girlfriend from within NA. Tonight's Girlfriend is actually its own site with its own membership fee.
  2. aristotlealexander

    Tonight’s Girlfriend Access

    As far as I can tell, Tonight's Girlfriend is working the same way it always has.
  3. aristotlealexander


    If you guys want to keep yelling, I'm gonna let you keep yelling. Not really much for me to say at the moment.
  4. aristotlealexander

    hey now

    He isn't?
  5. aristotlealexander

    Milf Thread

    Shel doesn't shoot much VR, generally speaking.
  6. aristotlealexander

    Pornstar Birthdays?

    As far as I can see, they're still doing the "extra scenes", they just aren't tying it to birthdays right now.
  7. aristotlealexander

    Alexis Texas VR

    Alexis is still under contract with Elegant Angel, as far as I know.
  8. aristotlealexander

    Ebony VR Requests

    First of all, I'm gonna have to edit out some of these pics once I get back to a computer. No pictures of penetration allowed. Second of all, a few of these women are inactive. I know Britney White is, I'm pretty sure Nicole Bexley is, I think Jade Aspen is, and I want to say Chanell Heart stopped shooting recently.
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    But that is what you're getting.
  10. aristotlealexander


    Actually, it looks like they just added some stuff today. Before that, they hadn't updated since I linked it, which was pretty annoying.
  11. aristotlealexander

    Leah Gotti

    She's already got three scenes (including one in VR), and while I'd like to see more of her, that's not the reason I created this thread. Drawing attention to this specific tweet is: https://twitter.com/TheLeahGotti/status/723934417664638976 As far as the contact info and whatnot: http://matrixmodels.com/otw-portfolio/leah-gotti/ Honestly, she and Kimmy Granger are the best new girls I've seen enter porn in the past year (Piper Perri would be up there but she entered porn more than a year ago, I think).
  12. aristotlealexander


    Half of the non-VR scenes. This is a Vegas shoot.
  13. aristotlealexander


    VR scenes have a 2-4 week turnaround. Non-VR scenes have a 4-10 week turnaround. And it's been that way since they started shooting VR. So even if two two scenes were shot on consecutive days, it'd probably be another couple weeks at least before it came out. So does it matter that the scene is shot, or that they turn around all the scenes in similar time?
  14. aristotlealexander


    That Veronica scene is not the only scene she shot: The VR scene is with Ryan, not Damon, according to the description on the pic.
  15. aristotlealexander


    For anyone who hasn't noticed it, while posting updates here should probably be considered dead until further notice, they have started publishing this page: https://members.naughtyamerica.com/dir/coming-soon-1856 It updates nearly every day, and right now has most of next week's scenes listed and goes all the way out to June 10th.
  16. aristotlealexander


    Technically, it was 3 remasters in 4 days.
  17. aristotlealexander

    new released videos - no options for format

    One, I'm seeing all the formats for the most recent scene (Dana DeArmond). Two, the only difference between most of the formats is the resolution/bitrate. Just because the file is named Oculus doesn't mean it won't play on any other device.
  18. aristotlealexander


    Just recycled content today for everybody, VR or not. Edit: And though it's not on the site, they've teased another remaster for Sunday as well: I wouldn't be shocked if they went to remasters on the weekend in general and new scenes during the week.
  19. aristotlealexander


    We already know you don't like POV, though. You don't have to keep saying it every single time a POV scene comes out.
  20. aristotlealexander


    Well, even more pointless than normal because this time you'd have other members with equally valid opinions that disagree with you.
  21. aristotlealexander


    I'll agree with that. I just don't think "I don't like POV" is valid criticism of the company.
  22. aristotlealexander


    And the answer would be to just never release POV scenes. Which they won't do. So you can keep complaining as long as you know it's pointless.
  23. aristotlealexander


    Most of the people who are complaining that the non-VR talent is lacking is because it's filled with newer, younger performers. Most of the people who are complaining that the VR talent is lacking is because it isn't filled with younger, newer performers.
  24. aristotlealexander


    No matter how much you don't like them, there's still gonna be 2D POV scenes. And since there's only 1 2D scene released per day, it's either gonna be a day where that's the only thing out, or a day where it's that and a VR scene. I don't see how one of those situations is any better than the other. There's a lot of valid arguments to be made right now. That's not one of them.
  25. aristotlealexander

    VR models wishlist

    I think everyone on your list except Nina Elle is either retired or in Europe (which means they can't be shot).