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  1. aristotlealexander


    Just recycled content today for everybody, VR or not. Edit: And though it's not on the site, they've teased another remaster for Sunday as well: I wouldn't be shocked if they went to remasters on the weekend in general and new scenes during the week.
  2. aristotlealexander


    We already know you don't like POV, though. You don't have to keep saying it every single time a POV scene comes out.
  3. aristotlealexander


    Well, even more pointless than normal because this time you'd have other members with equally valid opinions that disagree with you.
  4. aristotlealexander


    I'll agree with that. I just don't think "I don't like POV" is valid criticism of the company.
  5. aristotlealexander


    And the answer would be to just never release POV scenes. Which they won't do. So you can keep complaining as long as you know it's pointless.
  6. aristotlealexander


    Most of the people who are complaining that the non-VR talent is lacking is because it's filled with newer, younger performers. Most of the people who are complaining that the VR talent is lacking is because it isn't filled with younger, newer performers.
  7. aristotlealexander


    No matter how much you don't like them, there's still gonna be 2D POV scenes. And since there's only 1 2D scene released per day, it's either gonna be a day where that's the only thing out, or a day where it's that and a VR scene. I don't see how one of those situations is any better than the other. There's a lot of valid arguments to be made right now. That's not one of them.
  8. aristotlealexander

    VR models wishlist

    I think everyone on your list except Nina Elle is either retired or in Europe (which means they can't be shot).
  9. aristotlealexander

    VR models wishlist

    I know for a fact that they do listen to talent suggestions, but I'll let you vent right now because you're justifiably angry.
  10. aristotlealexander


    They're still reading, but because they have nothing positive to say, they just aren't saying anything at all.
  11. aristotlealexander

    Bree Daniels

  12. aristotlealexander

    VR models wishlist

    So, you've introduced all these neat little themed VR channels. PSE is all white T&A has one latina (Luna Star). After school is all white. Super Sluts is all white. We got 2 latinas in a Thirsty scene. Y'all could at least try to work a little more color into the VR scenes. One scene every 3 to 4 months (if I'm excluding Latinas) isn't enough. Hell, even if I don't exclude them it's still only every 2-3 months, which still isn't enough.
  13. aristotlealexander

    Update to Naughty America Membership

    I mean, it's better than before, but it still isn't that good and still leaves a lot of questions to be answered. But at least now you don't have the problem of people not being able to access the scenes you're promoting that day when they sign up.
  14. aristotlealexander


    I mean, if you ignore that everyone starts out as a new performer at some point in time, then sure, you can say that.
  15. aristotlealexander


    If you're shooting a scene in Florida, right now, your choices are JMac, Sean Lawless, Peter Green, Tyler Steel, Tony Rubino, and Kyle Mason, for the most part. At worst, JMac is third on that list, and in my opinion he's either second or first. That's why I said that part of the stuff with male talent is just how much of the scenes are shot in Florida.