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  1. Channels? WTF is this all about

    PLEASE don't go further into the step thing. It's like far and away my least favorite current genre of porn. Also, I see you've listed the After School series as a channel now. I get the point behind this (it's trying to punish/dissuade the people that sign up for a month and download everything and then leave), but this is pretty close to advertising scenes and then forcing people to pay extra when they joined for the scenes that you advertised. If you're gonna do this, at least give the series a couple months or breathing room beforehand (the last After School scene was just two weeks ago). And, for the love of god, start adding the separated subsites (Naughty Americans, the Sugababes sites, PF Strangers, Mrs. Creampie, Real Teens VR) as channels, as I can almost guarantee you'd get more traffic to/money from them that way than as stand alone sites that barely get any traffic right now. And you could probably even get away with locking those at the start, as a few of them have never been offered as part of the NA membership). You could throw The Passenger there too, now that I think about it (those scenes are more than old enough that few people would care, and you could put that unreleased scene in there as well).
  2. Channels? WTF is this all about

    I'm still kinda annoyed at you all at the moment, but hopefully that situation gets fixed soon. Other than that, don't have that much to say at the moment.
  3. Ella Hughes

  4. Pegging

    Most of time, you take our input and do what you want to do anyway, and occasionally walk it back when you realize that it isn't working.

    According to a podcast interview they did recently, about 30% at least. And guess what the percentage of VR to non-VR is at the moment.
  6. Channels? WTF is this all about

    The majority of the press releases officially are about stuff we don't care about anyway (like DVD releases). The press releases about individual scenes are usually from the PR people for the specific performers, and not NA. There aren't that many times where NA themselves are going to post about something that needs to be mentioned here, but anyone who does PR for NA to the outside world should at least have an account here (Scott doesn't [he's one that handles a lot of the reddit VR discussion], Ian doesn't [he's the one who does most of the tech interviews you see with NA]). It'd also be nice if Lauren posted more, and if Nicole (or someone) would start posting the schedule again. Basically, you guys should at least pretend like you care about this place, even if there's only like 12 of us here.
  7. Hey Aristotle.......refresh my memory.   Is the NA forum administrator known as Naughty America non other than the long silent Andreas?

  8. Channels? WTF is this all about

    Nice of someone to show up and say something, even if that something is pretty much nothing.
  9. Channels? WTF is this all about

    I don't know for sure whether they have or haven't implemented the cut-off date yet.
  10. Channels? WTF is this all about

    So I searched around a bit, and it looks like their official line, at least for right now, is that if you are a current member right now, then you'll keep your access to all the channels. New members will have to pay for them separately, and if you cancel your membership and then come back later, you'll be treated like a brand new member and lose access to those specific sites.
  11. Channels? WTF is this all about

    For right now, I still have access to all the channels as far as I can tell. And what I don't understand at the moment is that if you wanted to test out channels before fully implementing them, it would make much more sense to take the side sites that have never been a part of NA's membership (Naughty Americans, Mrs. Creampie, etc) and add those in as channels before using sites that are already around and not updating and removing the content from them to create a new thing. As a simple example, I've asked for a while if you guys could make it so that if I'm already paying for Tonight's Girlfriend, I can access those scenes within NA proper instead of having to go to Tonight's GF's website. Channels, if implemented well, could allow me to do that.
  12. UPDATES!

    I'm not sure he's any more in charge now than he was 2 or 3 or 5 years ago, though. The push for VR, for example, isn't just "he likes VR, so he's gonna push it". It's VR is showing actual growth, so we're gonna focus on it a little more. You're basically acting like you think every good decision was Laura or Lauren, and every bad decision was his, when that most certainly isn't the case. Andreas isn't being more transparent, yes, but he's never been that transparent. Lauren hasn't posted in this thread since December, and hasn't actually said anything of note since November. She could be more transparent about things, too, but she isn't. Now you know I like Lauren as much as anyone else here, but some of the blame, especially for the complete radio silence of the past month or two, is on her as well. Yes, we could all e-mail her and ask what's going on, and she will respond, but we shouldn't really have to. I've said it time and time again, I'm all for being angry, I'd just rather people get angry at the right things.
  13. UPDATES!

    I actually met Nicole in January at AVN, and she was still employed at that point.
  14. UPDATES!

    Or Bill raised his rates and NA decided not to pay it because he was replaceable. Nah, let's blame Andreas.
  15. UPDATES!

    In my opinion, he's better than Ricky Spanish, better than Rion King, and better than Tyler Steel.