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  1. DynamicDynamite

    Hey Look Who's back!

    Thanks for welcoming me back everyone. Looks like a lot has changed... But yeah right around the time i left Slim had already left NA..Didnt know where he had gone too though. Congrats on getting a degree Shadow... And hope you can use that degree to get you some... whats up to everyone else. Im in and out, but since I am unemployed I aint got shit better to do than to talk online while im looking for a job.
  2. DynamicDynamite

    Hey Look Who's back!

    lol..im sure im not the only who has come back... does everyone ask that? lol... good to see ya Vcruz
  3. DynamicDynamite

    Now Four Months and No Black Women :(

    cool cool.. looks like even though some things change others stay the same..lol
  4. DynamicDynamite

    Hey Look Who's back!

    thanks Ynot... good to see you still around. How is everything going around here? Looked like alot had changed.
  5. DynamicDynamite

    Now Four Months and No Black Women :(

    I moved to O'Fallon, Missouri. Got fired from my job.. collecting unemployment...trying to find a job...been dating the same girl for almost two years now... got engaged on Christmas... getting married in July... and hoping to keep net access for awhile. How are you Shadow? ever lose the vcard? And I started a thread over on the everything except NA thread so as to keep this thread about what it was meant for. Im sure the higher ups would like to keep it that way.
  6. Hey guys and gals, Its been almost two years but I am back on the net. I was looking around, and posted on the other board. But since thats all for the site I figured I would post on here to try to keep it away from that. Not sure how often ill be on here, but im going to come by and post from time to time to say hi to everyone and see whats up. Not sure how long ill have the net, but we are bouncing off a neighbors wifi and thanks to my fiance's dad we are able to even get on the net. So Ill see ya guys around... Sucks being unemployed. I cant even join the site back.
  7. DynamicDynamite

    Now Four Months and No Black Women :(

    LOL. yeah... was trying to navigate the forum since it changed a lot from the last time I was around. Wasnt sure which forums to go to... So I checked this one sinceI knew there would be more people here.
  8. I'll be damned.....what's up?

  9. DynamicDynamite

    Now Four Months and No Black Women :(

    ehh been gone for two years and looks like little has changed...lol.. still its good to see everyone around. And looks good to see that there is the attempt to get more black women on the sites... Fight the good fight people... oh and i will be dropping by from time to time. I finally got internet access a little bit more.
  10. Just swinging in to say HI ;p

  11. Come on DUDE. its been a year since you logged in. Come back and visit us!

  12. DynamicDynamite

    I am still alive

    thanks guys..Im heading out... I got an 80 mile drive ahead of me and I have to be home by 6 and gotta go through rush hour here... so I will hope to see ya soon...
  13. DynamicDynamite

    I am still alive

    hoping soon.. but right now i have to worry about more important things, and being a partier as well.... hopefully soon.... hopefully soon then I can start fucking with all of you again...
  14. DynamicDynamite

    3 Straight Weeks

    pretty much..... Im hoping to be back in a month or so... Good to see NA showing some sista love now.... good work Laura
  15. DynamicDynamite

    I am still alive

    Hey guys and gals, Its been a little while since I have posted, and all. So I figured I would stop in and see what was going on. See who all is still here, new and all that good ish. Anyway I wanted to give an update on me. I have no internet access except when im at a family member or friends home. Hence this. Im still working 80 hours a week, and when Im not working im usually partying. So my life is pretty much work, party, pass out... rinse, wash, and repeat... I do plan on being back on here in the next few months, but it will come when I get a home phone and shit at my place. Until then just cameos from me will happen. I miss all of you, and hope to be a part of the community again someday... Peace out, Anthony PS... If any of you want to keep in touch with me you can hit me on my myspace at... http://www.myspace.com/dynamicdynamite or email ugk66@hotmail.com Im not able to check them all the time but when I get the chance those are the two places I tend to go to the most. So take it easy everyone, and talk to ya later... I might hang around the boards a bit while im here...