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    I am a Huge tomboy, love my job, and want to have fun with my life... cause you only get one!
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  1. PMarizzle

    I love that idea Shadow!! Anyone else?!
  2. PMarizzle

    Hey Shadow... Ya sorry about that... My friend had a wedding... I bet you had a blast lots of awesome girls there as always.... As far as keeping busy... Yes I'm traveling a lot and working for the Best and with the Best... I'm Spoiled!! Still single though... *sad panda* but who knows... EVERYONE: what is one Fantasy Scene you'd love to see me in... And g/g pairings too
  3. PMarizzle

    Soo I realize it's been Waayyy Too Long since I've been on here... Kinda fucked of ME... I apologize... How's life treating everyone?! I wrote a Blog I'd appreciate everyone to look at... http://www.fyfnetwork.com/2013/08/09/phoenix-marie-on-making-the-sacrifice-to-be-someones-fantasy/
  4. PMarizzle

    New Scene Out!! POV!! Soo Awesome
  5. PMarizzle

    Damn you tweeted Shel with a quickness... He is an amazing photographer!!
  6. PMarizzle

    Lil Bummed Brazzers has me booked by EVERY Director with my New Look... But No NA?!
  7. PMarizzle

    Sooo I'm Back... Thanks to the beautiful Lauren... Sooo... What do you guys think of the New ME?!
  8. Scene of the Week: Feb 13-19

    I Voted For Me So Hopefully I Can Work For Naughty More... Far To Long
  9. PMarizzle

    Awwww I Missed You Guys Too... Lauren...
  10. Thank you Marizzel! That made my day!

  11. wishing you ALL The Best!!

  12. PMarizzle

    "Guess whose Back, Back... Back Again, Again" Lol to much Eminem... Hope you guys like the New Scene...
  13. PMarizzle

    Looks like I'm shooting for Naughty America this Month....