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  1. bergyjay

    Website/Video/file issues

    Morning...it appears the only "Full Movie" download missing for todays Naughty Office with Abigail Mac is the one listed under "Normal". Could this be remedied?
  2. bergyjay

    Website/Video/file issues

    Hey, the new LA with Jynx and Logan is downloading only 10bytes under Normal(WMV).
  3. bergyjay

    Website/Video/file issues

    Todays My Dad's Hot Girlfriend, there is no option listed for Normal(WMV) along with a few others to download.
  4. I have to say that it reminds me alot of the Naughty Latin Maid videos. Now it's with a car. Seems like a really far fetched early porn video. Not a huge fan so far.
  5. bergyjay


    Not sure how to "word" this. The "Members Comments" section below the scenes...used to be hidden and you had to click to display them. Now they are there all the time. I would like it if they were hidden again. Also, excited to see what the new site will be. (I like it here at NA)
  6. bergyjay

    Wall fucking

    I like both, just minus the wet paint...I mean, there doesn't HAVE to be wet paint. And I like it because it usually means heels are left on...for a while anyway.
  7. bergyjay


    ...and Cory Chase!
  8. bergyjay


    Ah yes. And I agree, there are...were...some older ones I too would like to see remastered. Only time will tell...
  9. bergyjay


    Just an observation. Down to 13 new videos a week...not counting TNGF. I got spoiled.
  10. bergyjay

    Naughty Car Saleswomen

    Having worked in a Dealership, in the Service Department, there were a number of women that worked in the office. Some were married, they were very hot, married, and unhappy in their marriages. Some were having affairs with mechanics and/or salesmen. They were also in charge of collecting for car payments and working out details of payment plans to purchase cars. The receptionist for the nite-shift, were usually younger, dare I say, girls, that were working after school. There were several saleswoman as well (getting back to the suggested premise) that were also very hot. When they walked back to the service department, it was difficult for the service writers and the mechanics to concentrate on work...of course that included the office girls. A few female mechanics at that time. So, there is always the road test scenarios for sure. I saw that Shelblack saw your suggestion too, and liked it. Big plus. (did I say that I liked your idea too? Or is that now implied :-) )
  11. So, if this was a one year contract...is there a chance she'll be back here? Maybe? (hopeful!)
  12. Your Dirty Wives Club scene is phenomenal! Really liked the lingerie and heels. Still praying for a Wedding scene...and others.
  13. bergyjay


    Showing very strangely today. First time for me. Very odd...
  14. bergyjay

    Recent Pornstars that you miss

    I know Cory Chase has a site of her own. Chances she could shoot again for NA? Or is there something going on in the back ground that I (as usual) know nothing about?
  15. Can never have enough scenes of Holly! Have yet to see one that I did not like.