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  1. I don't see the Thread from the other day requesting Sami Scott so I thought I would just ask again. someone posted her email contact so here it is again: SamiScott@yahoo.com
  2. Shadow you gotta find a way to go out to AZ. She is so nice. She will treat you like a prince. and Doc is cool as shit. easy going down to earth people and Kendra told me she goes out to that area a few times a year and does some "work".
  3. Hey guys I gotta tell ya about my visit out west in Dec. I've been meaning to update cause Sami asked me to. I got to finally meet Sami Scott. Remember she is a cousin of a cousin and I knew her as a kid apparently but I really don't remember. Saw her a lot they tell me when I was like 2 or 3 years old. Anyway got to visit with her in AZ in December and let me tell you she's better in real life! DAMN! then doc hooked me up with a "massage" off craig's list or backpage or something and it was Kendra Secrets! can you believe this shit. she was doing a little side work. back east now and can't wait to go out again. Told Sami..(I keep typing her real name and have to fix it).....shit...... anyway told her you guys miss her cause I check this board a lot.
  4. you guys are funny. and there's really not any fighting/war stuff going on in Iraq. It''s all computer generated footage. those smart bombs and all those videos, all fabricated, right? lol seriously though. All Governments keep secrets from their citizens and I hate that they say it's for our own good. Like we're too stupid to understand. THAT pisses me off.

    Do you know what you don't want?

    agree with above the attitude and interaction is what makes a scene. maybe that's why I love the MILF's at NA, they always seem to say something that MAKES THE SCENE, plus you guys have the hottest MILF's out there. (ps what made me join NA was that Sami Scott scene when she told Gonzo about his virginity, "we're gonna have to fix that" WOW that was great...and the look she gave him, damn good stuff. That's why Shadow is hot for her, he wants to be Gonz lol I don't want: little girls that just squeal. Give me HOT WOMEN
  6. spies?? what's there to spy? NA has all the best women, no secret there???? Thanks Laura and NA for the Best site and best MILFs (my favorite) on the net. :D oh yea and why I posted here. Phoenix you DEFINE BEST. great attitude and great body. too young to be a MILF (IMO) but you light me up girl!

    More lesbian scenes please

    not me. girl on girl was cool for me when I was 20, but now I'm looking for straight sex but more storylines, more spur of the moment cause sex and a girl with 2 or more guys at once, kind of devouring a horny MILF is my cup of tea.
  8. Damn Sami those are great photos. I forgot I made this thread. keep posting on here. I love the candid stuff, you know just hanging around the house. Tell doc to take out that camera more. it is hot in the phoenix area if that's where you are-'cause YOU are hot. I'll have to look you up when I visit. (is that allowed?) Jon

    Scene Suggestions for the Country Stuff

    I love Sami Scott, but I could see HOLLY WEST in cowboy boots and a big hat. hop off one horse and "ride the pony".

    Do you know what you don't want?

    I want MILFs and more MILF's. Perhaps some doctor/nurse stuff. some special night before surgery TLC to "clean out the pipes" so to speak!
  11. Phoenix I gotta tell ya I'm usually not into blondes, but Damn girl, you are hot, and mostly I just love your personality. At least how it comes accross on film and here.
  12. another recent favorite of mine Vanilla, keep it up girl. (actually you do, "keep it up" just fine) lol
  13. Oh Sami, I haven't been by here in a while. Still watch your scenes a lot, and I keep checking for more. You are one of my favorites on NA. Please do more. my computer was down for a while. Damn kids playing with it. With this economy it's hard to justify memberships except for the latest stuff, so do NA a favor and do some scenes so they don't loose a guy like me who is MILF LOVER.
  14. ok I get it. It's a surgeon who actually can think! cause mostly it's the MEDICAL specialties that are the thinkers and the surgeons, well they just cut when the medicine guy tells him to cut. My brother is Cardiologist and when he thinks they need surgery he sends guy to heart surgeon to do the operation. But Cardiologist really makes decision when and what to do. so the best and smartest would be Rocket Doc Medical Scientist or how about one of the CSI guys, they're pretty smart on TV!! ha ha ha

    Multiple Names for Models

    why does the same girl have so many different names? is it to get more work? did NA know it was the same girl? some you can tell just ERRORS but some look like clearly just going by a different name? just curious, I don't get the reason, and there HAS to be a reason.
  16. I love this show. I agree GOC best one yet and can't imagine where it's gonna go from here. WTF with Spinach------------------
  17. there are so many AMATEUR sites. I prefer the "professional" look High quality, high class environment, high class girls

    "True" Milfs

    come on...................................... you gotta be kidding.

    Christian and Miss C

    FYI to the NCC AH's (tiger and hayes) I don't have to explain shit to you. I can use a "mother" expression when ever I choose. I can tell a bullshit story when even the mood stricks. and your opinion means shit. I grew up in Philly mostly. Now live over the bridge in Jersey. I take the 30 -40 minute drive and still work in Philly. So I'm "from" both depending upon the conversation. you idiot. I was born in Brooklyn so perhaps I should say I am from there! wait. I did my undergraduate and graduate school in New England, so for 8 years of my adult life I lived in Boston area, so in some scenarios I refer to being from there when talking about education. but hey, you guys are rocket scientists, you know all. ha -- if you don't like it....make me go away. I would love to study your reactions more. Keep it up.

    Christian and Miss C

    DAMN IT you two really suck. I bullshit the two of you in one thread for like one day. you're an idiot. I haven't posted cause of mostly YOU... I am a paying member. not like alot of the people here that don't have to be a member to post. If you don't like what I have to say just put me on your Ignore list asshole FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOTHER STOP INSTIGATING TROUBLE

    Christian and Miss C

    oh dude don't get so dramatic. sure I bullshit just like everybody else. I'm a 45 year old guy -- so chill. (philadelphia area) it's all good.
  22. yes Laura please, I think there are many who would love at least one of those.
  23. it did make me re-think my vote as well and had to go with Tremelo3. I agree with someone's note on one of these threads where they talked about how well he is handling the challenge to his win! (I switched-and I hate doing that, but now I'm glad I had the opportunity)
  24. Ive always liked what Firemedic had to say on these boards, so I voted for them last week. This week Mr. Stocker seems too power hungry. so sorry guys I jumped ship.