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  1. What happen to that Porn down under site that directed to NA?
  2. Harvey's phone is where all the pics came from. It all makes sense now. His phone was hacked, not the women's. They were sending him nudes.
  3. Fuck the bullying aspect. What prescribed drug was she using to cope with her struggles?
  4. Glad to see that you're doing well. I'm kind of curious what Matt has been up to? Hadn't seen him around these parts in years..
  5. I have no clue if it's his birthday, I just wanted to flush him out and see how things were going in life. I ran into a party picture with him and Tremelo3 that I'd saved and it got me wondering....Is he married? Still a virgin? Did he finally move out; have any children? As for me.. My SO and I have been going strong and together since 2001. We've had 2 boys over the last 7 years. I'm semi-retired at 39 and have been doing the Mr. Mom thing for a few years now. I work a few days a month to pay some bills but I pretty much spend my time with the kids or on the golf course. That is all
  6. tryacid

    Forum update

    Let's see if this still works I guess it does..
  7. But are you an asshole in real life or just online? I'm an asshole in real life but (somewhat) PC online.
  8. A dude named twistedbrowneyes posted nonsense in here once which ultimately lead GOC wanting to find him in Hell's Kitchen to beat him up. It was highly entertaining nonsense but I forget what the argument was about.
  9. I love when people read something on Reddit and become advocates.
  10. Wolvie once said he liked "hair porn". Nobody knew what the fuck that was and I don't think he ever came back to the thread to explain it. Nonsense is entertaining.
  11. tryacid

    Pornstars challenge 2016.

    Happy Birthday Shadow Oops, I posted in the wrong thread again. Admin. Delete this. Thanks.
  12. tryacid

    Pornstars challenge 2016.

    RIP David Bowie Admin. delete this, I put it in the wrong thread Thanks
  13. Accusing him on Twitter is moronic. She should have reported it and by not doing so discredits her "feminist" logic.
  14. I read that she has a fantasy football show somewhere on SiriusXM. She's been playing in the Stern Show league for several years and I believe she's in last place in that one. I'm guessing she probably gets thousands of invites for her to join leagues every year.