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    What a weird company this is. They are truly the opposite of how a normal business operates. They refuse to engage with their customers in any way, yet they leave this forum up for people to justifiably crap on them and their "business" model relentlessly without response. Just look at the topics in this forum. What kind of business would allow a thread titled "FUCK YOU NA" to just sit there in their forum without response for months? To the extent that customer feedback matters, it is only for NA to do the opposite of what people are asking for. People complain that their membership model is a scam, so they include even less scenes for new members. People continue to ask for less POV, so they immediately increase the POV content to multiple scenes a week. People complain for years that there aren't enough scenes with black female performers, so they make no new scenes with black female models but lots of scenes with black male performers. Even the VR people seem annoyed at this point. It's like NA are going out of your way to run off every last person who ever felt the slightest amount of good will toward them. Unless the company is now some kind of money laundering vehicle for a larger criminal enterprise, none of this makes any sense. It's just weird and confusing. Fortunately for me, my annual membership is finally expiring and I never have to think about this idiocy again. Good luck with your bankruptcy, NA!
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    Just out of a curiosity, I am wondering who will all be cancelling their membership or who has done so already, I will be cancelling mine this month due to the changes that were made to the site.
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    it died with everything that was good about this site.
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    I notice that catching up on the goings on here that you clearly haven't fixed a thing Andy, not only that, you've stopped responding to the angry and shafted customers long ago. Hell, I don't even see any of the other staff. Where the hell are you guys hiding my homegirl Lauren? She was the only glimmer of hope this place had to let us know what was going on. But as you normally do, you or Mr. H put a gag order on her here because you can't take the heat and let everyone know what is going on here or how bad you are screwing them. Shit, you could at least give all these good people a kiss after the fucking you're giving them. I can't imagine the Chargebacks and refunds you are having to give are good for business. All I'm saying Andreas is, you need to be more transparent with your customers. Let them know you understand their plight. Also, instead of running Daddy's company into the fucking ground maybe...and here's a REAL novel idea. LISTEN TO YOUR FUCKING LOYAL CUSTOMERS AND NOT JUST THE ONES THAT COME FOR VR! Otherwise I see this place going down and Mindgeek waiting to pick the bones. Now I was a 10 year...A 10 YEAR straight customer. And I gave up after the bullshit you started to pull. So, I'm just saying. You should PROBABLY come back and at THE VERY LEAST start listening to your customers, stop with the stupid tiered pricing, and get me and the old school loyalists back. Hell, I might actually be willing to spend on one of them new fangled VR thingies one of these days myself. Shit, there are a few companies coming out now...and doing it better than you sad to say...so you might want to figure that one out. Well, it's getting late, and American Horror Story is about to start here pretty soon. Tata for now. Andreas...until next time...best regards...
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    Everything is locked. Payment went through (Bitcoin) After reading these other threads, its a per month scene basis? What the fuck, theres nothing about that on the signup page. So if you want access to 20 channels you have to pay $24.99 for each channel / month? Thats like $500 a month.
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    Cancelled and refunded. The only good thing left to say about my 8+ year NA experience is that Epoch is pretty easy to deal with. Cancellation and refund were no problem. They must know the drill, I guess. Good luck to all. * Really wish I looked over the forum before re-upping this year. Would have saved me some time. -ABP
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    Well, I've been a paying Naughty America customer since 2010. My renewal came up last week, and I quickly opened a new account and paid for the year in advance, as I have always done. A couple of days later, I decided I wanted to look for an old Carmella Bing scene. That scene was locked. So I started looking around and it seemed that just about everything that wasn't on the first page of newest scenes was locked. "WTF?", I thought to myself. No longer any customer service phone numbers for tech support. You have to email and open a ticket. That's when I got the schpeel about their terms changing. Huh? So now, you get next to nothing for your $71.40? When I asked for clarification, they responded with the following ... * * * Shannon M (La Touraine, Inc.) Sep 8, 9:00 PM PDT As stated because we are an online support, no telephones. As also stated, things changed back in April, so what once was is no more. Everything is updated and can be found in the Terms of Service, as is supposed to when things change. I also provided you with a link in my last response that keeps users informed with what is going on with the site. Thank you, Support * * * Nice attitude. Well, you know what else was once, but is no more? My membership. This policy is the biggest ripoff I can imagine. THIS is how they treat old customers? It's unacceptable for new customers too. There is NO WAY someone would read anywhere on the site that your annual fee gets you so little after years of a normal policy. Just absurd. I've already disputed the charge on my credit card, so NA can truly go eff themselves and then promptly die. By the way, I fully intend to acquire any and all NA material ANYTIME I feel like it, and I'll do it for free. ABP ... signing out. Good luck to all.
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    @techman How do you get a refund ?
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    To quote the great B.B. KIng......"The Thrill is gone." This isn't the great site it used to be when I first joined about 10 years ago or even the one of a year ago.
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    Damn it to hell....what is this catering to only the VR and POV contingent of NA's fan base. So far the 3 non remaster scenes for the week are 2 POV and 1 VR.....you could have tossed us NON POV/NO VR fans a bone and given us 1 scene. Sigh. I sure hope the 5 or 6 scenes we get are worth the wait.
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    Browns are gonna be good this year!!! 6-8 wins!!! (That is good for the Browns)
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    Canceled, refunded. I've been a member off and on since it was Naughty America University and Bookworm Bitches. The new subscription model, and especially the complete lack of messaging (details conveniently located a scrollable distance below the signup flow, AFTER the user has already clicked "join now" so why are they still scrolling and reading - hint: they're not, and if they did there's still no pricing info) are a permament dealbreaker. I don't know what's going on internally at NA but they can have fun with it. I'll be over here, not interested.
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    i was a member for 10 plus years but im gone
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    Heartbreaking that they're doing this. If this does back fire, I hope it happens soon. I really loved this site.
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    the site the subscription actually goes through has nothing to do with what you are receiving. Although I do not like NA's changes as well the fact is your explanation of them is misinterpreted. They changed their business model and we all agree that they do not and will back fire and they will be forced to go back to the way it was. The fact is the new business model is that you are paying for a years worth of videos to download daily as long as the membership is active, after one month the videos from the previous month become unavailable and are put into channels that if you want more content from the network you are asked to pay and extra fee for them. This will ultimately back fire and force them to go back to the way it was IMO. Just wanted to point out the inconsistencies in your post and give you a better explanation and view of what the site is doing.
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    I'm not going to cancel, but I'm certainly not renewing. This is a scam. And it's stupid. They'd rather rip you off once, than continue to have you as a loyal customer.
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    I cancelled at the end of April.
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    would be happy to see Tori Black back at NA, maybe for TNGF or anything ..
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    I'm kinda shocked I've never made a thread about her before. She's very cute and been around for a few years, but has never shot a scene for NA. She doesn't have an agency, but I guess she does have some else handlings booking for her. https://twitter.com/GiaPaige
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    You payed for the privilege to pay for scenes, great new model they set up, isn't it?