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    Glad you liked it!
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    With due respect sir, facial, cum in mouth or cum on tits is run of the mill porn stuff, while creampie and anal are "extra service" by comparison. And since it's probably her last shoot, why complain about her willingness to give her goodbye scene that little extra touch? And besides her VR-scene of 12/15/17 ended with "cum on tits". And, as a comparison, even though anal isn't my favorite nice in porn by far, I wouldn't exactly say that Whitney Westgate "ruined it for me", when she took farewell from porn with her one and only (so far) anal scene on Tushy. I would rather call it quitting w/style.
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    yeah, i'm the exact opposite. to each his own!!!
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    the emma starr scene with damon dice today was everything i could hope for. thanx!!!