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    Come on NA, her last scene is now over a year ago (except 1 VR Scene), i know 3 or 4 scenes from last year had technical issues but can we get now new Scenes with Syren? Or can we expect 0 Videos like 2017?
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    It wouldn't surprise me if the NA stats file for Yasmin has a wrong birthdate. She looks older than 24. The Naughty America Bio write-up/stats sheet is an embarrassment for the site. It's like a mad libs thing where they mix and match a few canned phrases from a file with a few tidbits from the birthdate/birthplace and paste it together on the fly. And if the stats for an actor are missing they just run the canned phrases as sentence fragments and call it good. Take for example the Stephanie West bio which starts with 'Stephanie West is from , so she's got to be perfect for porn!' She's shot 5 scenes for NA and they still haven't figured out she's from Chicago.
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    I would love more remasters if I thought it wouldn't have any effect on the number of original scenes, but I know that it would so I just let it go.