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    Wow....all this shit talking reminds me of the old days on here. First of all, samuaibob....IIRC, you were attacking others for NOT liking VR....so whining about others attacking you for liking it is pretty stupid. Secondly, I think Jonmon22 might just be samuraibob posting from a 2nd account. Could be wrong, but I wouldnt be shocked. Third, while Im happy for all the VR fans out there.....I just cancelled my membership as well. 12 scenes this week that I see....4 are VR, 1 is a remaster...1 is on a completely different fucking website that NA for some fucking reason puts on their main site. So actually, 11 scenes - 4 VR - 1 Remaster = 6 regular scenes, and usually, only one or two are good. NA has fallen in a major way. Some may like the new direction. I dont. Ill go back to doing what I did before.....join for a month every 6 months or so.
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    To be honest the talent they have has been terrible, no lana rhoades, no angela white, no big names just terrible talent.
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    As long as you know your place fuck boy.
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    Hi, I care I'll post more even if it's fun banter. A lot of you email me and I always respond to the 12 of you...:) Talk to me...
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    Most of time, you take our input and do what you want to do anyway, and occasionally walk it back when you realize that it isn't working.
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    Not trolling. Interested in all of your input.
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    Okay.....he gave no indication that he was being sarcastic, so I answered it as if it was a serious question. NA already produces some gay content IIRC, so its not a far fetched notion. And I dont give a shit if they produce gay content....or pegging content.....or pretty much any other niche content (within reason)....but the base NA site should not veer too far from the path that got them to where they are. Im not saying they cant branch out a bit, but in an effort to reach more people, you risk alienating your core audience. Thats what I think is happening with the ever increasing VR content. NA has like what....2 or 3 SEPARATE VR sites, and now 1/3 of their scenes on the main site is VR.....I think they are driving away some of their core audience, which isnt a smart idea. They seemingly did this a couple other times and it didnt pay off for them and ultimately had to return to their old formula. Things like more VR and more anal is one thing.....but if they started posting gay/pegging content MIXED IN with the regular content, it would be a laughably dumb decision IMO. Either way, its their decision to make. This isnt the first time I left NA based on their "new direction", although Ive always returned to being a regular customer. I dont know if thats the case this time. They may have "jumped the shark".
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    Spot on mate, exactly how i feel, 10 years i've been here
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    If NA does pegging, they damn well better keep it on one of their separate specialty sites. I can accept that people have different porn tastes than me, but the moment NA starts putting stuff like that on their MAIN site is the day NA loses me as a customer forever. There are too many other options out there and NA is already moving away from what made them great to begin with.
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    Yeah, I'm not renewing my yearly April 6th. This is getting to be absolute complete bullshit.
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    im really confused why would anyone release a pov scene on the same day as a vr scene
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    I'm not sure he's any more in charge now than he was 2 or 3 or 5 years ago, though. The push for VR, for example, isn't just "he likes VR, so he's gonna push it". It's VR is showing actual growth, so we're gonna focus on it a little more. You're basically acting like you think every good decision was Laura or Lauren, and every bad decision was his, when that most certainly isn't the case. Andreas isn't being more transparent, yes, but he's never been that transparent. Lauren hasn't posted in this thread since December, and hasn't actually said anything of note since November. She could be more transparent about things, too, but she isn't. Now you know I like Lauren as much as anyone else here, but some of the blame, especially for the complete radio silence of the past month or two, is on her as well. Yes, we could all e-mail her and ask what's going on, and she will respond, but we shouldn't really have to. I've said it time and time again, I'm all for being angry, I'd just rather people get angry at the right things.
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    This is by far the most ridiculous thing this site has ever done. The channels are very overpriced and what you guys are doing is outright cruel. I have lost all respect for this site and I highly advocate that people go out and pirate now. Big Tits in VR is one thing, but monetizing pre-exisitng videos is taking it way too far. I am beyond outraged. Naughty America is officially dead to me. I would highly suggest, changing the pricing models or getting rid of it! (Buy individual videos perhaps?)
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    Any updates?
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    Someone keeps on mentioning "Borat "....is that a shot at Andreas?. I remember how Andreas used to be very visible in the old days of Live with Lauren.....then he disappeared. I thought maybe he sold his interest in the Co. Too bad. Bill is kind of a modern day version of Buck Adams......the late brother of Amber Lynn. He was a reliable performer in the 80's and 90s
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    I'm surprised they don't use Bill Bailey any more. There was a time when it seems if it wasn't Johnny Castle being used, it was Bill Bailey. He must have pissed some one off big time. If either Shelblack or Aristotle know anything ...please share.
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    Just like anyone into 2D videos should try VR, anyone into VR should try interactive VR video play. Anyone like VR knows the primary advantage of VR is it feels so immersed, so real. You feel the characters in the videos are just in front of you. The only thing that is missing? The sense of touch. This void can be filled by an interactive toy that is synchronized with the VR videos. The best interactive toy? To me, no doubt it's the Fleshlight Launch. In order to play, you need to have a script file that was created to control the Fleshlight Launch. Currently, www.advancedvrsync.com has 24 scripts created for NaughtyAmericaVR. Those scripts are all in the best quality. The movements of the toy are so smoothly synchronized, it creates a unbelievable illusion that you are having real contact with the character. Believe me, it's really mind-blowing.
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    Nope, there's only been 3 weekly. The days have been screwy, but it has been one Monday, one Wednesday, on one over the weekend (supposed to be Friday, but they've been occasionally getting delayed to Sat/Sun).
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    I doubt if it will happen any time soon. NA is a very Vanilla porn company. They don't go for anything out of the ordinary. Which is fine by me.
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    You must be out of your fucking mind if you think Angela White is "fat" or "flabby" dude. Just putting that out there.
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    Great words. Totally agree with you. Until 1 year ago NA was a great site, in my opinion the best porn site. And the problem is not only VR scenes, but also a bad video quality and camera angles of 2d scenes. I don't know what happened to NA
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    all this drama got me like . . .
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    In a way ......those of us who are bemoaning the perceived concentration on VR scenes are very much like the first born child who feels threatened by the arrival of the new baby. Not right nor wrong......Just is.
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    I'm with you 100% samuraiibobb......I got your back bro LOL. These guys or gals (who knows as much as they whine) talking Shit about VR and you sound like the P.I.T.A. customers I have dealt with in business. In any business it is nice to have long term renewing customers who are loyal and keep coming back.......however as the story goes they get old and pass away and in cum the new customers (would never wish harm on anyone just stating the cold hard facts) So how do you continue to grow the bottom line? Change with the times especially if technology is involved and gain the newer clientele who will keep paying for the awesome VR content. When I read some of the comments I can' help but picture Walter Mathieu and the other guy in grumpy old men sitting behind some old big ass square computer screen half the size of their desk with a bottle of Viagra in one hand and wired mouse in the other. I ain't buying no fancy cellular phone device VR thing that cost *#!*/$$$. My rotary phone works just fine. Probably not cause their wife won't let them or they are scared of the Devil Bobby Bushae!!!! So when I say let them whine let them whine and Piss and moan about not getting enough 2D scenes. ( How much porn do you old Bastards watch????Shit one scene a day almost......sounds like you are the ones not getting laid and just imaginig/watching the women you can't get. I never post or comment on Shit but these dudes are........how do I say it ?? Not getting on my nerves....Because I couldn't give a shit less what they think.....Not aggravating me..... Cause I read it willingy ......while waiting for the VR to download and type this as I downloaded another .......maybe just cause I like talking Shit and felt like jumping in for my fellow VR brother. They probably still got bunny ears on top of the TV with foil and keep slapping the shit out of the side of it like why dont we get a picture anymore this is ridiculous I guess it's time to get one of those big 8' satellite dishes like JimBob and BettySue got down the road. Wunder how much they paid for that thing. Best of luck to you naysayers of VR..... And just remember the guys who said "Internet???? That sounds like crazy talk you can' talk to anyone in the world without a big long distance bill from the telephone company." I admire your patronage to 2D scenes and it will probbly never be extinct like your erections in the next few years but please stop whining and picking on my bro. DEAL WITH IT!!! Who knows if you break down and take some of that check you probably get for old people and buy a VR headset you might actually enjoy it and find a way to pull that stick out of your ass.....Goodnight dinosaurs P.S. All the weird symbols and meaningless lines you keep seeing on your computer screen throughout my rant are actually emojis ask your grandkids they will tell you all about them
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    Hi, would you make more scenes with Ashly Andreson please? https://tour.naughtyamerica.com/pornstar/ashly-anderson
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    I prefer the hair in her last TNGF-Scene, sadly she's now blonde
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    When Michelle Lay retired, India took over her spot as the lean brunette of NA. Both have unique facial structures that just seemed to stand out as brunettes. Something about the blonde hair seems to detract from her facial structure. I think Mercedes Carrrera did the same thing....went the blonde route....and she just doesn't stand out like she did before.
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    Sorry.....I prefer her as brunette.......she was simply stunning as a brunette. She stood out in a sea of blondes. Now she's just another ....among many blonde performers. I still like her....but I prefer her as a brunnette. Oh well.....just another o fthe many disappointments in the world of Naughty America obver the past 4 or 5 months.
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    Why should NA cater to an outgoing and outdated customer base? Longevity will NEVER outweigh actual sales. I can only imagine if they are progressing to more VR vids these days its because the most downloads and new subscribers are coming for VR vids. They do have access to this information you know and this is simply a business when it comes down to it.
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    not for a lot on here, i joined 10 yrs ago but wont renew now
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    I for one ONLY subscribe to this site for VR videos - so more VR is great!
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    Any news of this week updates or next week?
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    Holy crap bring back the MILFs ; two weeks of absolute dire stuff.
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    Please land Amia Miley and Veronica Rodriguez for VR scenes!!!
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    Love VR porn. Very intimate. Great to get so close to legends like Ava Addams, Brandi love, Sara Jay and Syren De Mer. It's a wonderful world. Rarely watch 2D anymore. Still hoping for Darla Crane.....a man can dream.
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    Sorry, can't agree with you, most of the VR-Scenes are with younger girls. Too many in my opinion, i wish NA have more VR-Scenes with Milfs
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    More More More KYLIE PAGE!! 3some with the KROSS sisters my all time favorite & go to is the NYE scene, I love the extended storytelling multiple girls and even extra's just watching making me the nympho narcissist center of attention
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    Won't deliberate more on this one, other than that was undue harsh & not particularly well thought out posting it in the 1st place. Sorry!
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    I like the request....but I don't expect a follow through.
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    100% agree. All these guys talked shit to me when i was excited about VR. BUt hey, business is business. They thank you for your loyalty but they have to move in the direction the money is moving and since they were one of the first VR sites, I am pretty confident to say they probably doubled up on sales just because of VR and still growing, just because of VR. VR is the future no matter how you look at it. Its the new style of porn. Quite addicting style of porn actually where it's making 2d scenes almost obsolete. I personally only watch a 2d scene now if it's a starlet that doesnt have a VR scene, other than that Id rather be in VR pov and imagine myself screwing these beautiful woman. Some argue that 2d gives you more angles on the girl etc, but NA been killing it with the mirrors and that pretty much takes care of seeing the girl at different angles, WHILE you see yourself screwing them in POV. I said it before and ill say it again. VR porn is the future of PORN. You guys that talked shit about, im sorry you were so loyal and this is the direction they are moving in now. But when internet came out and people were like id rather read the newspaper, times eventually changed and newspapers are becoming obsolete. Gotta change with the times... the times are changing and VR porn is the new porn. We are just at the beginning too, it's only going to get better.
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    Im loving that NA is dropping 4 VR scenes in about 8 days worth. The reason why i first paid for any site was because NA's VR content. Now NA dropping them like crazy. Love it. keep it up NA! ps. where those advanced members at that talked shit to me before about VR sucks?? looks like NA knows what the majority likes. Hope you are liking how VR is starting to take over since you were so right... pss. ^^^ i would have never even started to talk shit if you never talked shit to me first
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    exactly, my point , screwing our loyalty
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    Face it dude, after the last few weeks and knowing NA's track record with this kind of thing, I doubt it's going to change for us non VR people. It's funny, because NA was built on the backs of us fans that signed up for quality non-VR porn scenes. And we got that. Now we get run of the mill stuff and they keep cutting our scene count. So, this is going to stick. Or get worse before it gets better.