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    NA can do whatever they want IMO. Its their company, and if the powers that be arent smart enough to realize this stupid shit is bad for business, then they deserve the shit coming their way, and I hope it buries them. Ive supported NA through thick and thin over the years, but Im done. I have most of their older scenes (that I want) saved on a hard drive.....and any new stuff that comes out that I like, well....I'll handle that situation the same way Ive handled Brazzers the last 5 years or so.
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    Would love to request her, especially if it would be possible to have her do a VR scene.
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    That's okay...I'm used to it!
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    I am tempted to post a profanity heavy comment but it wont do any good......highly disappointed.ed. Yesterday, there was a remastered scene and a VR scene posted. Ok fine. Today. Another VR scene. I am not a VR fan. So this annual membership paying long time member in good standing got NOTHING....ZIPPO.....ZILCH today or yesterday. As many others have observed....you are doing your best to ALIENATE long time loyal members. Andreas implied that great things were coming and to hang in there. I month into a new yearly membership and I am still waiting to see something that wows me. So far I am not seeing it.
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    First time I paid for porn was the day I bought my VR headset. I regret subbing to NA because all they seem to be able to cast are thick women with fat/fake tits fat/fake lips. I new NA from the Amia Miley/Melanie Rios days, thats what I kinda had in mind when I subbed. where are all the teens? you seem to film plenty of them in the non VR flicks so whats the problem? such a shame to be honest. Oh and the super slut things with the recycled clothes and set, It'll get old really fucking fast, just so you guys have a clue... my sub is ending in a month or so. I'll stick around till the end but I wont raise my hopes to high...
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    Long time lurker here, but have been thinking of creating an account for a while, and finally decided to do so. The fact that not only is there only a Pov update today, but that that update is remaster and not a new scene is inexcusable. I've been an apologist (however silently) the past few months but the day all the naysayers have been saying would come has finally actually gotten here. I'm on an annual subscription and if Naughty America doesn't put its money where its mouth is about creating quality updates and have some serious changes I will not be renewing.
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    This is what is going on https://www.naughtyamerica.com/update-to-naughty-america-membership
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    To whom it may concern, I was recently a member before and have since signed up again to wanting ONLY VR SCENES, last time I signed up I was happy to have access to ALL VR scenes and other videos but now I only have access to a few at the cost of a normal monthly membership. I have since renewed and NOWHERE was it labelled on my purchase that I would be getting limited access to some videos from each channel. The availability of content has been extremely limited now and I am not willing to pay extra that could add into the thousands for myself. I would like a refund or full access to these scenes as a member as this accountability on your part for not labeling the access you receive when making a purchase or being explicit with your messaging on you limiting your content is not fair at all. I hope that others do the same in regards to such a situation as it is a complete money grab on your part to limit stuff. If I don't get full access or a refund, Ill be sure to make this heard about and won't be part of this again until things are changed and will take business elsewhere
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    I'm aware that Kimber Veils has another scene coming with NA, which will also be among her final scenes released but the membership changes aren't worth it.
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    She is such a fucking cunt, just looking for attention.
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    barefaced bullshit
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    If N/A did VR/3D in the same way they do at Teenmegaworld, where they also offer a 2D versions of their VR scenes that can be played w/o any plug in / add on driver software, I think this 2D vs. VR thing on N/A would have been a much less controversial issue.
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    Why do members who cancelled still post here? Would be nice to know if I update my sub will I be grandfathered in on all vr channels?
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    All this stuff is CRAZY. hard to know what is true and what is lies
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    and to add insult to injury its another Athena Palomino scene shot in VR... that's 4 in a row. I am so glad I canceled my membership back in October 2017 and I don't think I'll ever be coming back. Almost 8 year member gone, good job NA keep it up.
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    ok reasons for no castle,sins,bailey ? its more the wife asking as we watch together
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    Ignoring how much opinion on male performers is personal, for the most part, anyone they aren't shooting right now, they aren't shooting for a reason (there's maybe 3 or 4 exceptions to that that I can think of). It's always "seemed" like they're only using the most popular performers for VR because when you only release 3 scenes a week, it's easier to get more popular performers to fill those three spots (especially when some of the popular performers are contracted to shoot those scenes). Add that to the fact that a lot of the 2D is getting shot in Florida right now (which is also a big part of the reason you're unhappy with the male talent) and, well, I don't know what else to tell you. Edit: Because I'm kinda bored and kinda annoyed, I'm gonna break this down. Right now, it looks like around 50% of the 2D scenes are being shot in Vegas, and the other 50% are being shot in Florida. Of the scenes that are shot in Vegas, about half are with established performers, and half are with new performers. Now the "problem", as it were, when it pertains to the popular performers is that most of them don't live in/don't travel to Florida to shoot, so the Florida scenes are more like 90% newcomers and 10% established performers. Now, when there are only 7 new scenes in any given week, that only amounts to 2 to 3 established performers every week, which is about what we're getting (it doesn't help that not all of the established performers are necessarily the most popular ones). Also, of the 3 VR scenes we're getting, we're usually getting 2 with established/popular performers and one with relative newcomers, so we're getting the same amount of veterans in VR and non-VR, they're just not actually the same performers. For example, this past week saw Ana Foxxx and Valentina Nappi in 2D, and Abigail Mac and arguably Kenzie Taylor or Lily Love in VR (both of those women have been around a while, but neither is super popular, and neither is more popular than either of the veterans shot in 2D).
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    The close up missionary in the new abella danger scene is great. that position should be in more VR videos it was much too short in the nadya nabakov scene
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    She is now hotter than ever.
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    Please more AnissA!!!
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    Sorry, can't agree with you, most of the VR-Scenes are with younger girls. Too many in my opinion, i wish NA have more VR-Scenes with Milfs
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    Would love to see some Diamond Jackson VR or similar. Why hasn't this happened yet? We've had VR for a solid 12ish months and no real ethnic deviation. Love where your VR is going generally (muff closeups, girls really figuring out how to maximize intimacy via manipulation of camera etc) but it's high time we get some bodacious ebony curves in the mix. Cheers
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    ummm, yes please!
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    Haven't had a scene with Jade in over a here year. She's got a really sexy look with a natural body. NA needs more scenes with her.
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