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    You mean those basterds at Brazzers, you know what they do, they get you to sign up to them, and then they go and give you access to all their back catalogue.Evil swines!!!!!!
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    I'm not going to cancel, but I'm certainly not renewing. This is a scam. And it's stupid. They'd rather rip you off once, than continue to have you as a loyal customer.
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    I'd be honored to be your best man Artie! You've grown on me over the years like a fungus.
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    Same. Proportional body with the old landing strip for the win. "Cartoony" over sized boobs look like crap as well. July was a rough month for talent. Aug seems to be following suit. Ah. Too each his own I guess.
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    Oh, and fuck the NA staff. Dont even have the courtesy to address the customers they are fucking over.
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    I don't think you realize what you are missing out on not watching VR. The Oculus Go is small and easy to take on and off. It's not like a 3D movie, it's more like this person is actually right in front of you. It's kind of a big deal.
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    I’ve been a member off and on for the last few years and was holding on to a gift card for when you release a new scene from my favorite star. I am extremely disappointed that all your content is locked behind a second paywall, there was no warning and I regret signing up.
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    thanks, cancelled and got refunded already, citing a rippoff.
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    Don’t renew, DONT RENEW! these scumbags are now charging for every individual site, now called channels, and the same sites that were previously free. You will only have access to videos of one month. So unless you got plans to spend $25 a month on the massage channel with 3 videos on it, DO NOT FUCKING GIVE THESE KIKES ANYMORE MONEY! ! !
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    I have been a member for 35 minutes. I just cancelled. What they have done is horrible. I hope the attorney general of some state gets after them. This was utter deception.
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    I just rejoined after a few months absence. I'll be canceling before the next bill, never to return. If you have a favorite porn star you might have to join 10 channels to get just one video. No thanks NA.
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    time to step into vr bro
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    renewed after being off for a while. The videos I wanted are not available without an extra charge. Going to cancel if this is not fixed quick and not coming back. only 16 videos like them or not available.
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    That was posted in 2015