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  2. Pegging

    If Borat wants to see pegging on here, we're getting pegging. It doesn't matter what WE want.
  3. Trust me, seen a very recent picture of her. She still looks damn good. On another note, three of her DVD's are back on best seller lists on a few online DVD stores. Like Operation Desert Stormy. I forget the other two.

    Well, some of it is well warranted I'd say.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Website/Video/file issues

    I do that religiously every day at start up. Also, had the exact same issue with the Dani Woodward remaster. In addition, a legacy download option worked fine, just couldn't download my preferred version.
  7. Close Up Missionary in VR

    Every video on Wankz features this now. Hopefully NA continues to do it more often.
  8. Channels? WTF is this all about

    The main issue I've had on a lot of third person shoots in VR is simply the way it was shot. It can be good, but a lot of times whenever it's done, it ends up being too far away from the camera. Too many 'watching' scenes have the model(s) not close enough.
  9. http://people.com/politics/stormy-daniels-passed-lie-detector-alleged-trump-affair/
  10. UPDATES!

    yeah, i liked mrs fillmore too. unfortunately when she did the only 2 scenes she did with n.a. it was my understanding that she would only do scenes with her then-boyfriend "zane". they later had a very messy break-up and so she ended up starting her own website where she did simulated "mother/daughter/boyfriend" porn scenes. not sure if she's still in the porn business anymore or not though???
  11. UPDATES!

    yeah, i'm getting tired of all the drama.
  12. Website/Video/file issues

    try clearing your cookies and cache, it downloaded fine for me. Not sure which version you were trying though.
  13. Channels? WTF is this all about

    The second idea sounds a little like what they did with the Voyeur series, which I was a fan of but it didn't really catch on.
  14. Channels? WTF is this all about

    One of two ways. The first, which wouldn't necessarily require a third performer as the husband, would be to simply play the scene as though the husband is in the room watching. Both the wife and the guy she is with would freely and frequently (but not so much as to be annoying) acknowledge the husband's presence by saying things like "Do you like seeing me swallowing his cock?". This sort of thing was used in the regular scenes, but since they had already established via dialogue that the husband was elsewhere it became just a "fourth wall break". Mind you that isn't necessarily a bad thing...just not the same thing. This would add the 3D aspect, and also by virtue of dialog place the husband in the room truly watching his wife fucking another man. The second would require another actor in the part of the husband who provides the POV. For the most part the husband would only be seen if the viewer looked down. Doing so you could see "yourself" jerking off to the sight of your wife with another man. There could also be occasional interaction between the wife and the husband in the form of the wife stroking the husband's cock or sucking on him while the other man is in her pussy or ass. Then the final piece would be the wife receiving the husband's cum as well. This could be through continuing the video into a (shorter?) sequence of the husband fucking the wife in a traditional VR view, or even just jerking off (with a little oral or manual help from the wife) onto her face, tits, or...
  15. Last week
  16. Channels? WTF is this all about

    Can you give me an example of how you would want a MWMP for VR?
  17. This will be remastered and is slated to go live 4/3/18.
  18. Looking at this picture of Stormy Daniels....is it just me or has she let herself go to pot? https://www.aol.com/article/news/2018/03/20/stormy-da
  19. Website/Video/file issues

    Multiple failed attempts to download today's Raven Hart scene. Primary download fails early in the process, no attempt has gotten to 30 MB. Alt 1 fails immediately every time.
  20. syren de mer

    And still no news, and what happenend with the 3 or 4 scenes last year, all technical issues?
  21. UPDATES!

    we already get less new stuff
  22. UPDATES!

    Just no Mrs. Jewel or Taft.
  23. Channels? WTF is this all about

    I've always said that MWMP would work great for third person VR. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be very much interest in third person VR right now.
  24. Channels? WTF is this all about

    Realizing that we MWMP fans seem to be in the minority, I joined for the VR but NWMP became my second favorite. I would love to see more. I would go so far to say that I wouldn't mind a VR MWMP if for no other reason than to bring in a 3D element if not bring the viewer/husband more into the scene.
  25. UPDATES!

    Personally I would like more remasters, especially the old old stuff, like Mrs Fillmore, why couldnt she have been from Vancouver, WA instead of Vancouver, BC
  26. UPDATES!

    I think the Updates are going away for awhile. Especially with the backlash over the regular scenes being cut back to 1 a day and possibly less if one of them falls into their stupid channels. I don't know that I blame either side.
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