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  2. VR models wishlist

    please please pleae AMIA MILEY!!!!!
  3. Would you like more VR stuff?

    yep first sight ive ever joined. ever. and it was because they brought on the best VR talent to the scene first. now im member at many sites. NA broke my virginity. I love the direction NA is taking with putting out so many VR scenes. NA comes across all the big name stars.
  4. Anyone into VR should try this

    what does the sync do when the scene isnt doing much? i.e. like no bj, sex, etc, just talking.. ive been thinking about the purchase..
  5. Yesterday
  6. Channels? WTF is this all about

    In what sense? Which part?
  7. Channels? WTF is this all about

    NA's crack team of experts seems to think its a good idea to make their advertising intrusive to site navigation. Newsflash....it isnt.
  8. Channels? WTF is this all about

    will the channel updates be extra to normal site updates ?
  9. Channels? WTF is this all about

    I certainly agree with bringing the old sites folded into NA, maybe as an incentive for those that purchase yearly memberships and not monthly. Could also maybe get rid of the feedback portion of the site as its all the same things requested and mentioned over and over and refer them to post here in the forums and be more involved in the NA community. Maybe create a seperate feedback section on the forums or leave as is, but redirect the feedback section to the forums. Regarding remasters, maybe create a forum topic or a way to ask us which scenes we would like remastered instead of choosing random scenes and start doing ones that are maybe most requested. Also not sure if it's possible but we know various videos have been removed from the site for various reasons and are wondering if there is any chance any of them could come back or maybe be remastered and offending material be removed or taken out of the videos and posted again.
  10. one of my favorite NA scenes of all times https://members.naughtyamerica.com/scene/brandi-love-3752 My First Sex Teacher featuring Danny Wylde released 4/6/09. it would be really swell if this could get remastered. who'll give me a seconded and thirded?
  11. NA video issues

    This should be fixed now.
  12. Channels? WTF is this all about

    PLEASE don't go further into the step thing. It's like far and away my least favorite current genre of porn. Also, I see you've listed the After School series as a channel now. I get the point behind this (it's trying to punish/dissuade the people that sign up for a month and download everything and then leave), but this is pretty close to advertising scenes and then forcing people to pay extra when they joined for the scenes that you advertised. If you're gonna do this, at least give the series a couple months or breathing room beforehand (the last After School scene was just two weeks ago). And, for the love of god, start adding the separated subsites (Naughty Americans, the Sugababes sites, PF Strangers, Mrs. Creampie, Real Teens VR) as channels, as I can almost guarantee you'd get more traffic to/money from them that way than as stand alone sites that barely get any traffic right now. And you could probably even get away with locking those at the start, as a few of them have never been offered as part of the NA membership). You could throw The Passenger there too, now that I think about it (those scenes are more than old enough that few people would care, and you could put that unreleased scene in there as well).
  13. Channels? WTF is this all about

    mine would MDHF, MFHM, MFST, maybe even an expansion with a new site into the step-family genre that is becoming popular right now as well.
  14. Last week
  15. NA video issues

    The problems on the NA website gets worse every video I try I get this NA issue.docx
  16. NA video issues

    was on naughty America website and it was working fine I was able to watch videos and download them i come off for about 3 hours and everything goes to pot I don't know if its my computer or your site everytime I want to download a video i get the message the standard giving me the area where I am downloading from the video and 63 bytes ? see attached I then click open I get another dialog box it seems to want to save the video as text files these is just bonkers NA download issues.docx
  17. Website/Video/file issues

    With Alt1 it's ok, thanks
  18. Website/Video/file issues

    Have you tried using the "ALT 1" links?
  19. Website/Video/file issues

    Impossible to download Ella Knox today scene
  20. Channels? WTF is this all about

    OMFG...nostalgic! hahaha took me wayyyyyy back.
  21. Channels? WTF is this all about

    mdhg with kimmy granger and castle, lol mdhg or mfhg
  22. Channels? WTF is this all about

    I'm still kinda annoyed at you all at the moment, but hopefully that situation gets fixed soon. Other than that, don't have that much to say at the moment.
  23. UPDATES!

    this is nothing compared to what it used to be
  24. Ella Hughes

  25. Channels? WTF is this all about

    What is your must have 1 scene a week?
  26. VR models wishlist

    Britney Amber
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