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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I just signed up and having issues downloading, I have less than average internet and only get around 800kb download on a good day, VR titles take a long time to download so I use downthemall plugin for mozilla to que up movies, this has worked for every other VR site, and im normally able to download a few movies a night (only one at a time) problem is your site logs me out after a certain time, and I get 401 errors. sometimes I cant even get one movie and it stops halfway, if i login again the file doesn't resume. pretty frustrating as I also have download limits..
  2. So I just signed up for the monthly membership, but I seem to be having trouble downloading the videos to my computer. Whenever I click on the "download" tab and click the quality, it just takes me to another web page with a video player playing in that desired quality, but doesn't actually download. Does anybody have a remedy for this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Since I rejoined NA recently I find I cannot download any of the newer HD videos. I can watch them streaming but no download. I can download low definition versions of new videos and HD versions of the older vids. Anyone else have this problem? I submitted two tickets for support and have not heard back.