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  1. Exactly and they did it again with Adriana's new scene, 10 minutes of a 45-minute scene, normally I'd just skip through it if I was watching on a desktop but with a VR headset strapped to my face it's fucking awkward. I don't know why they've started doing it either over 200 scenes and they decided this would be a new gimmick worth trying, why?
  2. So does anyone know what happened to Keisha's and Natasha's scenes on Big Tits in VR? I can't find them on the site.
  3. So I noticed a new scene has been released on Big Tits in VR but for some reason, I can't find Keisha's scene or Natasha's scene. What happened to them? How do I go about finding them?
  4. In the upcoming scenes, it says 18th January, that's almost 2 weeks away, so does that mean those of us who enjoy the VR content won't be getting our Friday release.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I take it the problem had something to do with the left/right output for headsets or something? Anyway, it's good to see they give a shit.
  6. So what happened to Zoey Monroe's VR scene?
  7. I take it this is why they took the scene down because I can't find it.
  8. I tend to enjoy NA's VR content but I hope the "non-pov" thing they've done in recent videos doesn't stay long.
  9. So one thing that really annoys me about VR is when they decide to do "non-POV" scenes, either as the whole thing or as an intro or outro to an otherwise standard VR vid. It takes me out of the experience, it seems to miss the point in my opinion.
  10. I know Nikki Benz is just getting back into the swing of things but another VR scene would be awesome. More Tasha Reign, Natasha Nice and Angela White would be cool too and an Amia Miley PSE or something similar would be cool as well. One thing though, it's something I'm not keen on, "non-POV" intros, why? They seem so antithetical to the idea of VR porn and the recent Blair and Alexis scenes both had them and they were close to 10 minutes, that's a long time to be taken out of an experience when you have a headset strapped to your face. I hope this doesn't become a trend.
  11. I'm loving VR porn, it was the reason I signed up but I'm fine with two scenes a week. One thing is bothering me though, two of the more recent VR scenes have "non-POV" intros which go on for up to ten minutes, this to me seems antithetical to the premise of VR porn. I hope that doesn't become a trend or the norm.